Big Brother, why didn't it air? Is he there tonight?

Big Brother 2023 extended

Many may not have noticed, unless they are Big Brother fans, but something incredible happened last night: the episode of Big Brother was canceled at the last minute.

But what happened? And when will it air?

How did the notice of the postponement of the episode arrive?

The information of the move of the bet Big Brother arrived unexpectedly right at the scheduled time of the broadcast. Alfonso Signorini, the charismatic host of the reality show, communicated to viewers that, contrary to expectations, the episode would not have aired in the usual evening slot. An announcement that left everyone very perplexed.

Why was the GF episode suddenly moved

The reason behind this decision to move the episode of Big Brother seems to reside in the Mediaset's programming strategy. The strong television competition, in particular the success of tennis ratings on Rai 2, with the match between Sinner and Djokovic, pushed the broadcaster to rethink its strategy to maintain a competitive audience.

Basically the last tennis match it had a 14% share on RAI and the very recent possibility for an Italian to proceed in the competition has fueled the chances of RAI making a grab-all of viewers.

Therefore the RAI has postponed the first episode of Il Professore 2, leading Mediaset to have to adapt.

In fact this it is a year of upheaval and testing by Mediaset, which has changed the programming of various programs several times, in particular Big Brother, but it had never happened before that a broadcast was cancelled, without reasons of force majeure, less than an hour after it was broadcast.

What aired instead of GF

On the evening when the Big Brother should have been broadcast, viewers found themselves faced with a completely different type of proposal: the replica of the film Gladiator.

“Io Canto” which was supposed to be broadcast on Thursday is also postponed

The changes in the schedule did not only concern the Big Brother. The program too I Sing Generation, condotto Gerry Scottic and scheduled for the following evening, it has been posticipated. It is not yet clear when it has been postponed, so we advise you to stay connected and come back to visit us for more information on the matter.

Will the November 16th episode of Big Brother be broadcast tonight?

At this point the doubt is legitimate, will Big Brother really be broadcast? It seems so, in fact. According to what was communicated by Mediaset, the program will be broadcast regularly.

The perplexing thing is that originally the appointment was scheduled for Thursday, with a double weekly episode: Monday and Thursday.
Then a few days ago the change of day to Wednesday was announced, and now we are back to Thursday.

Is everything ok Mediaset?

What's happening at Mediaset?

These sudden changes in Mediaset's schedule raise questions about issuer's overall strategy. It is evident that competition between channels and the pursuit of high ratings play a crucial role in programmatic decisions.

These events reflect the increasingly strategic and dynamic nature of the television sector, where last-minute adjustments (even if perhaps a little exaggerated this time) have become a more common practice than in the past, in order to respond effectively to the challenges of the market.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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