Big Brother, the episodes of November 22nd and 23rd are canceled

big brother September 21st

This week, the Canale 5 schedule is renewed with an unexpected variation involving the Big Brother, one of the most followed reality shows. The GF will not be broadcast for two evenings!

Because the evenings of November 22nd and 23rd were cancelled

The Big Brother faithful will have to do without episodes of November 22nd and 23rd. This choice is dictated by the will of renew the television offering with new content, giving space to alternative formats.

This choice is most likely part of the renewal of Mediaset by Piersilvio Berlusconi, with a view to audience evaluation, an area in which Big Brother has had a lot of problems this year, in fact It's not the first programming change it's undergone.

What will be broadcast on November 22nd and 23rd instead of GF

The evenings left empty by Big Brother will be filled with programs that are already well known. On November 22, viewers will be able to enjoy the new and highly anticipated season of Zelig, with the nice Incontrada-Bisio couple who finally returns to the broadcast stage.

It will follow on November 23 “I Sing Generation“, also highly anticipated by the public who strongly loves musical talent.

The hypotheses on when Big Brother will air

Despite this short break, Big Brother does not leave us: the return is scheduled for the following Monday or November 27th, always live. Furthermore, there are rumors of a possible move of the program to Saturday night starting in December, in a strategic move to further increase ratings.

How Big Brother ratings are going

The change in programming does not seem to worry Big Brother in terms of ratings: the growth is significant. The latest episodes have almost reached 3 million viewers, exceeding 20% ​​share, figures which confirm the success of the programme, in line with other major entertainment formats on Italian TV such as The bastards of Pizzofalcone 4.

In short, it seems that these Mediaset experiments with Big Brother programming are producing results, with the program gradually gaining an audience.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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