Big Brother Polls: percentages and results, who comes out?

Big Brother 2023 extended

The curtain is ready to rise on a new, gripping episode of Big Brother 2023. The public is on edge, the competitors on a war footing.

We remind you that, like every week, the episode will be broadcast at 21pm on Canale 20 and that the next episode will air on Saturday 2 December.

Who will be able to win the hearts of the spectators and who, instead, will have to deal with the risk of elimination? Monday 20 November we saw theelimination of Cyrus Petrone, while in the episode of Monday 27 November Angelica came out.

Who was nominated Monday 27 November

Among those at risk in the extraordinary episode of Saturday 2 December, bet with elimination, we find:

Who were the nominees at risk of elimination on November 27th

As for the nominations, that's it who was at risk of elimination.

Here are the names:

  • Vittorio
  • Rosy
  • angelica

What do the Big Brother Forum polls say to date, who will be saved on Saturday?

Big Brother Forum è an authority regarding surveys, being the most visited in the sector. But unfortunately his estimates did not always turn out to be true and, a few times, he was beaten by Reality House predictions.

Beatrice is confirmed at the top with 46% of the votes, from GF Forum the fluctuating trend of Beatrice in the last period is not evident, a fluctuating trend which is instead noticed much more markedly on Reality House.

Vittorio follows with 19,21% of the votes, remaining almost stable, despite the risk of elimination from the last episode.

In the queue we find Rosy, Alex and FIORDALISO, but considering the risk of elimination, which narrowly escaped last week, Rosy seems to be the one most in danger.

What do the Reality House polls say to date, who will be saved on Saturday?

Reality House it is the second most visited portal, but this does not mean it is less valuable, on the contrary: sometimes his predictions turned out to be more true and adhering to actual outcomes.

The survey, still in progress, about who to save seems to be very truthful, with a Beatrice tops at 37% e Vittorio, fresh from a save last Monday in the televoting, which stands at 21%.

We remember that Beatrice he has been living in recent times a bit of a dancing move in terms of consensus, it is not the first time, in fact, that drops below 40% but in any case it is always at the top.

Bad position Rosy Chin, one step away from elimination in the last episode, we see it again bottom in the rankings.

To better interpret the values ​​of these surveys, Let's see what they said last week and how it actually went on broadcast.

What the Big Brother Forum polls said before the elimination

The public's opinion was already quite defined, with Vittorio at the top and a discreet distance between Rosy and Angelica, the latter at a clear disadvantage and was in fact eliminated.

We therefore found ourselves at risk angelica e Rosy a short distance from each other, while Vittorio he seemed safe positioning himself with well the 57% vote. Which is not surprising considering that Vittorio has always been the second most favorite, as we will see shortly.

Regarding the overall ranking, the results of the survey were clear, Beatrice followed by Vittorio and then by tracksuit, remaining stable compared to last week and the week before.
In fact, as usual, he takes first place Beatrice Luzzi as the most favorite.

Beatrice 2 weeks ago it fell below the 40% wall for the first time, but it recovered a little, positioning itself at 42% last week and now continues with the upward trend to 44,74%.

Vittorio has remained stable in the results of the last two weeks, positioning itself with 13%, while this week it rises to 16,64% which puts him in a great position considering he's among the nominees.

The poll is on “Who is your least favorite“, they saw Giuseppe Garibaldi on the top with 27% of the votes, we remember that compared to last week the ranking has changed a lot saw Anita and Giuseppe in first position at 6%.

A follow angelica who takes the place of Massimiliano. Surprisingly instead of Letizia Petris, we find Beatrice Luzzi which rises many positions taking 4th place with 8,18%. A fact that makes you think because Beatrice is also the most voted as the most preferred.

Why this sudden change in this other ranking? That it is linked to the issue with Giuseppe Garibaldi who rose to first place?

What the Reality House polls said before deletion

The well-known portal Reality House it aligned with the Big Brother Forum poll, placing Vittorio in first position with 40% of the votes. Rosy came in second place with 29% of the votes.

The worst positioned on Reality House was Angelica with 20%, which aligned with the outcome of the GF Forum, a fact that did not look positive at all for her, in fact it was eliminated.

Who will be the audience's favourite?

If the polls are a sign of what's to come, Beatrice Luzzi seems to have a clear path towards victory with 35 or 44% of the votes, therefore, he will remain in his leading role in the dynamics of the house.

Note that Beatrice is no longer above 50%, but in any case it is still very high in terms of consensus.

Who will be eliminated?

We remember that in Saturday's episode an elimination is expected. In the last episode Angelica, according to the polls, she was in a very bad position and highly at risk, but the distance with Rosy was short.

In any case, we know it well, televoting always has the last word all that remained was to wait for the episode, seeing the elimination of Angelica which was confirmed.

In the episode of Saturday 2 December the only certainty is that Beatrice and Vittorio will be safe, given that from early polls they are at the top. Rosy is very at risk, who was already in the balance in the previous episode and narrowly escaped elimination and that now he still finds himself low in the polls.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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