Terra Amara, episodes from 20th to 26th November

Umit falls down the stairs

The Turkish drama “Terra Amara” continues to capture the attention of the Canale 5 audience with its twists and turns, in the last the issue of the Fekeli shooting.

This week, November 20-26, 2023, we will see the closure of some dramatic and surprising developments amidst family intrigue, alliances and secrets.

Plot of Terra Amara of Monday 20 November 2023

The decision of Demir and Zuleyha to welcome back gaffur introduces new family dynamics to their villa, with Gulten particularly worried about Saniye's reaction to this choice. In parallel, the public walk by Demir e Fekeli on the streets of the city serves as a powerful statement of a strengthened alliance, highlighting the importance of public relations and alliances in the context of the series. Finally, a crucial element of the episode is the attempt to Lutfia to dissuade Fikret from his plans for revenge against Demir, underlining the tension and internal conflicts that animate the plot.

Plot of Terra Amara of Tuesday 21 November

The wedding day of Rasit and Fadik turns into a moment of chaos when a woman bursts in claiming to be Rasit's real wife. This unexpected turn of events leads to an immediate reaction on the part of Iron e gaffur, who send Rasit away telling him not to be seen again.

Meanwhile, during the wedding party, zuleyha confides to Sermin of being pregnant. This news, however, does not remain secret for long: Sermin, in turn, reveals it to fusun. This conversation is overheard by mujgan, which then passes the information to Hope.

What a chain!

Plot of Terra Amara on Wednesday 22 November

The focus of the plot focuses on Hope, which, blinded by anger, decides to reveal to zuleyha the truth about the betrayal of Iron. A significant turning point, as it marks Umit's intention to expose secrets and lies which could have devastating repercussions on the relationships between the characters.

As Umit heads towards the meeting with zuleyha, an unexpected event occurs: Umit finds Zuleyha seriously injured due to an accident. The gravity of the circumstances forces Umit to postpone his initial purpose and take care of Zuleyha.

In the meantime, Fikret returns to the house of Fekeli, where the two, after a confrontation, manage to clarify each other and lay the foundations for a new beginning in their relationship.

Plot of Terra Amara of Thursday 23 November

Hope located zuleyha in a bad state after a car accident and, without wasting time, he immediately takes her to the hospital. Here, Zuleyha undergoes emergency surgery, but unfortunately she loses the child. It's a super dramatic and tension-filled moment, the news of the loss of the baby leaves everyone devastated.

In the meantime, there is Sermin who makes a rather unexpected discovery. She finds a letter from her ex-husband Mornin, addressed to Hope, and, reading it, he discovers that Umit has another name: Ayla. This name, Ayla, he had heard called by Love during delirium. It's one of those twists that makes you say “wow,” because it opens up a lot of new questions about Umit's story and her connections to the other characters who are about to discover the whole truth.

Plot of Terra Amara of Friday 24 November

Fekeli decides to tell Lutfia all about the history between Fikret e Hope. Obviously, he is not at all happy about this situation and he worries a lot about how it might end, especially for Fikret.

Then, the story takes a very unexpected turn. Fekeli thinks Zuleyha's accident may not have been a coincidence, but something planned. Right away, his suspicions fall on Fikret. To protect him from Demir's anger, decides to report itbelieving they are doing the right thing. But, surprise! Fikret is released because he had nothing to do with the accident. As you can imagine, Fikret is furious about the complaint and tells Fekeli not to consider him his nephew anymore.

In all this, there is also Hope who goes to see Zuleyha to see how she is. IronHowever, he doesn't take it well. He is annoyed by her visits and He orders her not to be seen again.

Plot of Terra Amara on Saturday 25 November

Fekeli he feels guilty for reporting Fikret and decides to go to apologize to him. But you know how these things go, apologies don't always go down easily. Fikret is really hurt and tells Fekeli that she has lost her trust, so she can't forgive him.

In the meantime, Hope visits zuleyha to the hospital to check on him. But Iron, who is now quite annoyed by all Umit's interference, he tells her outright to disappear from circulation. And then, there it is Sermin which opens with Lutfia, telling her a rather surprising discovery: Umit, in reality, is called Ayla, a detail that no one knew. This revelation raises a lot of questions about who Umit/Ayla really is and what her story is.

Meanwhile, Love tries to convince Umit to let it go Iron, but Umit doesn't agree and blackmails her. He tells her that if he doesn't help her ruin Demir and Zuleyha's wedding, he will lose her forever. Sevda, unfortunately, gives in to her request so as not to lose Umit (her daughter), and begins to put doubts in Demir's head about Zuleyha's faithfulness, playing on his jealousy.

Finally, there is an incredible discovery: Fikret and Demir could be brothers! This revelation comes after that Sadi makes a comparison between Fikret's blood groups, Musa e Adnan Yaman. Zuleyha tells Demir, sending him into a rage.

Plot of Terra Amara on Sunday 26 November

Fikret arranges a meeting with zuleyha, proposing that they talk about a possible peace between him and Iron. But, be careful, here's the trick! Actually, it's all a plan hatched by Fikret and Umit: They want to photograph Zuleyha and Fikret together and then send the photos to Demir, with the aim of destroying his family. Luckily, Fekeli finds out about the plan and manages to stop Umit, banishing Fikret from Cukurova.

But it doesn't end here. Zuleyha, who knows nothing of these intrigues and thinks that Fikret is sincere, is faced with Sadi. He reveals to her a discovery made by her men: comparing the blood groups of Fikret, Musa and Adnan Yaman, it turned out that Fikret cannot be Musa's son, but it could be Adnan's. So, Demir and Fikret could be brothers. This revelation sends Demir into a rage.

In the meantime, mujgan she convinces Fikret to move with her to Germany. And Demir, having learned of Umit and Fikret's plan, he rushes to Umit in a fury. She admits everything but she says she has become Fikret's enemy since she fell in love with Demir. He, however, does not believe her and tells her to leave Cukurova.

The situation becomes further complicated when Fikret goes to Umit to pack his bags. Umit, shocked by the meeting with Demir, tries to hold him back but, in a tragic accident, he falls down the stairs and loses consciousness. Fikret escapes and Umit, found by Sermin e fusun, she is taken to hospital in a coma.

And as if that weren't enough, rasit, falsely accused of child abandonment by his ex-wife, makes peace with Fadik. Demir, in the meantime, is about to confess to Zuleyha her affair with Umit, but they are interrupted by the arrival of the gendarmes who they arrest him for the attempted murder of Umit.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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