Bitter Earth, previews, spoilers and plot September 19: will Yilmaz die?

Monday, 18/09/2023
Patricia Maimone
Yilmaz dies

There is no peace for Zuleyha and Yilmaz: just when the two seemed very close to realizing their dream of love, fate mocks them again, and this time definitively. The episode of Bitter land di Tuesday 19 September 2023 it will be intense and full of emotions. We will witness the terrible Yilmaz accident which, in very serious conditions, will be life threatening.

Fikret will continue to investigate and, in the meantime, he will bond more and more with Mujgan as Bahtiyar will take duty in the hospital e Sevda will try to create an important space for itself at the Yaman estate. Curious to find out all the details? Here they are!

Yilmaz dying in a road accident

After finally being reunited with Zuleyha and little Adnan, Yilmaz will receive a phone call from Nazire informing him that Kerem Ali was injured and that, for this reason, he was urgently taken to hospital. akkaya he won't think about it for a minute: he will jump in the car and race to the emergency room.

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Precisely during this race, thanks to the rush, Yilmaz it will skid and end up off the road by car. Terrible accident his that will cost him dearly! Attending, casually, Demir and Zuleyha who will intervene immediately extract Akkaya from the sheets and for take him to hospital. Here, Yilmaz will come in critical, almost desperate conditions. Only a miracle could save him. Zuleyha will be desperate!

Yilmaz has an accident
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Fikret approaches Mujgan

Meanwhile, unaware of everything, Fikret will investigate in depth about the reasons that led Yilmaz to sell his properties to Hunkar. He will want to discover everything behind these strange transactions and to do so he will have no qualms about double-crossing and forming alliances on multiple fronts. But that's not all: the boy he will try to get closer and closer to Mujgan. Why?

Bahtiyar, Fikret's cousin, will take up service in the hospital and Love will be increasingly committed to carving out an important space for itself in the Yaman family. She will be able to count on the unconditional support of Demir and that of Zuleyha (more and more desperate for Yilmaz) and, thanks to this, she will begin to behave like a real hostess, generating discontent among the servants.

When and how to see Terra Amara

Bitter land airs every day, from Monday to Saturday, on Canale 5. In detail, Monday to Friday starts at 14pm while the Saturday awaits us with an XL episode whose start is set around 14:30. Alternatively it is possible to see Terra Amara, free, on Mediaset Infinity, both on demand and in live streaming.

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