Terra Amara, super episode plot today November 19th. Demir shoots Fekeli but..


The appointment with continues, with enormous success Bitter land on Sunday evening. Also today November 19, 2023 sparks promise: an incredible episode which, it is certain, we will remember for a very long time. The protagonist will be Demir and Umit and Fikret's attempts to destroy it.

The two, however, will fall into one unexpected trap at the very moment when the Yaman will shoot Fekeli in front of everyone, after a discussion. Not everything, however, will be as it seems... Previously Demir had celebrated the Adnan's birthday to whom he will have decided to give a wonderful and surprising gift. Which? We anticipate that she will have to deal with Yilmaz. Curious to know more? We are about to reveal all the details!

Bitter Earth previews: Umit and Fikret want to destroy the Yaman

That Fikret arrived in Cukurova to take revenge on Demir is now known to everyone. Now we know that too Hope has the same goal, in agreement with Fekeli's nephew. The doctor herself, returning home, will find the boy in front of her and will be taken aback. Like all he will think that Fikret had left for Germany.

What a surprise to realize that this was not the case! Fikret will confess the truth to her: against the opinion of his uncle, he never abandoned the idea of ​​taking revenge on Demir and precisely for this reason he remained in Cukurova. The two, from that moment more than ever, will be allies to undermine what, by now, seems like one happy little family, or the one formed by Zuleyha and Demir. But will they really succeed?

Previews Terra Amara, Demir's special gift for Adnan

Meanwhile it will be the Adnan's birthday and at the Yaman estate there will be great excitement for the preparations for the party organized in honor of the child. During the ceremony, Demir will be petrified when he sees Umit arrive. She will be afraid that Zuleyha might find out about her affair with the doctor, but she will try to remain as impassive as possible.

For this reason he will decide to focus instead on the child and he will communicate, in front of all the guests, what the gift designed for little Adnan will be. From that moment on, the little it may be called Yilmaz, like his biological father who tragically died following the car accident that cost him his life.

Bitter Earth shock: Fekeli is wounded by Demir..

The celebrations will soon be interrupted by a incredible news. A fire broke out in the stables e Demir will be sure that Fikret is behind everything. This episode, in addition to the fact that Fekeli will discover that Fikret never arrived in Germany, will bring the Yaman to ally himself with Ali Rahmet tending a trap for the young nephew of the latter.

While they find themselves in front of a sea of ​​people, Demir will shoot Fekeli causing a big stir. The news, of course, will not take long to spread throughout the country. Also Fikret will find out and he will be shocked. Because of this will rush to the estate where he will find his uncle in front of him, in perfect condition.

Demir, at that point, will lend him a hand but Fikret he will refuse, on the contrary! He will have one demand: that his half-brother admit in front of everyone that his father was anything but a good person. Otherwise, she will never be able to leave him alone! Knowing Demir we doubt he will: what do you think?

Terra Amara, when it airs and where to see it

Bitter land airs every day, except Saturday, on Canale 5. From Monday to Friday the appointment is 14: 10 and Sunday a triple episode awaits us to start until December by 21: 20 about. Alternatively, Terra Amara is available on Mediaset Infinity, live streaming or on demand, for free.

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Facebook profile @Terra Amara
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