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Buongiorno, mamma 3, as anticipated by the producer Luca Bernabei on TV Sorrisi e Canzoni, it is unlikely that it will come out immediately. The more optimistic, however, have revealed that it could arrive in 2025, but in order for this to happen, new storylines will need to be explored since the "open points" have all been closed in Buongiorno, mamma 2.

Bad news for fans of Good morning mom, the hit TV series by Channel 5 with Raoul Bova and Maria Chiara Giannetta reached the second season. According to what we know from first advances, Lux Vide, unlike other TV series, does not seem willing to continue with a hypothetical third season, because in itself all the outstanding points have been closed in Good morning mom 2.

Good morning, mom 3: when does it start?

However, in the event that the TV series continues, when we see Good morning, mom 3 on the small screen? Luca Bernabei, producer of the fiction, in an interview given to TV Smiles and Songs he didn't go too far, limiting himself to one "We'll see".

One thing is certain: if Lux Vide should he change his mind about the fate of the TV series with Raoul Bova and Maria Chiara Giannetta, viewers will have to be patient a bit, because the third season would not come out before 2025. The reason? Raoul Bova is currently busy on the set of Don Matthew 14, while Maria Chiara Giannetta is working together with others on the realization of White 2, which is expected to come out between September and October 2023 on Rai Uno (these days the first season of the series is being rerun on the first Rai channel).

Good morning, mom 3: first advances

Since the open storylines closed in the final episode of Good morning, mom 2, for a hypothetical Good morning mom 3 (provided that it is realized) gods will have to be explored new scenarios.

For example, given that Anna has woken up from the coma, it will be necessary to see how her relationship with her husband will be, especially after knowing that Guido was expecting another child from Mauritius and that her body was found on the bottom of the lake in which he regularly swam.

Another hypothesis, which could be followed by the screenwriters of fiction, is to discover the stories of sons of Guido and Anna: Francesca and his anxieties, Sun and his pursuit of fulfilling happiness and Jacopo with his turbulent loves.

Good morning, mom 3: the cast

Given that the two main actors (Maria Chiara Giannetta and Raoul Bova) are currently busy on the set of two other TV series, we don't know which one will be cast of Good morning, mom 3. But if you want to imagine it, they could be there again:

  • Maria Chiara Giannetta in the role of Anna DellaRosa;
  • Beatrice Arnera in the role of Scalzi Agatha;
  • Geneva Francesconi in the role of Sun Villages;
  • Raoul Bova in the role of Guido Borghi;
  • Elena Funari in the role of Frances Borghi;
  • Matthew Oscar Giuggioli in the role of Jacob Borghi;
  • Stella Egypt in the role of Maurizio Scalzi;
  • Federico Cesari in the role of Federico;

Where to see Good Morning Mom 3 on TV and streaming

The first and second seasons of Good morning mom was broadcast unencrypted on Channel 5, while in streaming it is possible to see it on the platform Mediaset Infinity. Regarding Good morning mom 3There's no word on whether Season XNUMX will follow the same path, but it likely will.

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