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Bus from Naples to Miseno for the summer 2019: from Vomero timetables, prices and stops

Vomero Miseno bus service

The Naples - Miseno bus service, which leaves from Vomero, has also been active since the summer of 2019. Here are timetables and stops.

The importance of Vomero - Miseno bus service is represented by the fact that it involves two very important places of Naples. With the arrival of thesummer 2019 tourism is beginning to increase and specifically the seaside tourism. It is necessary to keep in mind that we are talking about two very beautiful and appreciated areas of the city.

On the one hand the Vomero, which stands on a hill and offers cultural tourism, thanks to the many monuments, on the other Miseno which is much appreciated for its renowned beach. Having an additional means of transport available means "better draining" the large number of tourists who come to spend their summer holidays.

Schedules and stops

Il bus service Naples - Miseno it is so important that the public transport company has decided, as an exception, to start the race Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 June starting from Vomero to 8.00 and to 10.00, while from Miseno the departures will be at 15.00 and to 17.00, a beautiful day at the beach.

From 15 June the time will be as follows:

  • Gone from Muzii square: 08: 00 - 09: 00 - 10: 00 - 11: 00;
  • Return from Miseno: 15: 00 - 16: 00 - 17: 00 - 18: 00.

The stops in detail:

P.zza Muzii (terminus) - P.zza Arenella (ANM sign) - Via Piscicelli (ANM post height 98) - Via Altamura (canopy height TOTAL ERG distributor and ANM post opposite Q8 distributor) - Via Rossini (ANM post of in front of the swimming pool) - Vico Acitillo (ANM stalls, height of the De Michele pastry shop) - Via Gemito (Palina ANM height of the Galiano appliances) - Via Cilea (56 civic shelter and ANM pole, 118 street height) - Via Piave (ANM post, 12 civic height, pole) ANM df civico 81, pole ANM civic height 186, pole ANM height Civic bar 236 - Viale Traiano (ANM stake height of popular housing) - Loggetta (ANM post height aedicule) - Via Terracina (ANM post opposite ESSO distributor) - tangential entrance - Miseno terminus.


The cost of the ticket is of 3,50 € for single journey.

More info: enteautonomovolturno @ legalmail.it

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