Call My Agent Italy 2 season: release, plot, cast

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Call My Agent 2, the Italian version of the series French Dix pour cent, prepares to disembark Sky e Now with its second season. But when will it be relaunched? Coming soon with six new episodes on the way.

Call My Agent 2: when does it start

The second season of Call My Agent – ​​Italy is ready to light up our screens again with its release scheduled for Friday March 22 2024, exclusive on Sky and available in streaming on Now.

With filming now over and the post-production phase imminent, the series promises to offer an exciting new cycle of episodes. The cast sees the return of familiar faces such as Michael DiMauro, Sara Drago, Maurice Lastrico, Marzia Ubaldi, Sarah Lazarus, Francesco Russo, Paola Buratto e kaze, enriched by the presence of Emmanuel Fanelli e Conrad Guzzanti, ready to embellish the six new episodes with their interpretations.

Call My Agent 2: the first advances

Call My Agent 2, like the first season, will follow the exhilarating and frenetic life inside a show agency, whose agents are always grappling with the whims and problems of the biggest stars of show business and Italian cinema.

The actor management agency CMA (Claudio Maiorana Agency), in the Italian version, is based in Rome and is managed by a group of partners with very different characters.

In second season, of which for the moment we do not know the texture in the details, we will find out if Vittorio will he separate from his wife and how will his rapprochement turn out a Camilla . No one but him knows that she is his illegitimate daughter.

Call My Agent 2: the cast

In cast of Call My Agent 2 we will certainly find ourselves in the shoes of themselves:

  • Stefano Accorsi;
  • Paola cortellesi;
  • Matilda Angelis;
  • Pierfrancesco Favino;
  • Anna ferzetti;
  • Conrad Guzzanti;
  • Paolo Sorrentino.

In addition to these guest stars, there will be:

  • Emmanuel Fanelli;
  • kaze in the role of receptionist and aspiring actress Sofia;

Where to see Call My Agent 2 on TV and in streaming

Le new installments of Call My Agent 2, if they follow the same path as the first season, they will be broadcast on Sky. THE reruns of episodes, however, can be reviewed on the subscription platform Now.

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