Sunday, June 20, 2021
Serena De Luca

Campania in the white area, here's what changes


Finally great news for the Campania in the context of the health emergency caused by the Corona virus: in fact, starting from Monday 21 June 2021 the region enters the white zone, the unrestricted range.

Campania enters the white zone

After various color changes, from red to orange and yellow, the Campania Region finally becomes a white zone and the president anticipated it. Vincenzo De Luca through a live broadcast on his facebook page.

The decision, taken by the health minister Roberto Speranza, it was possible thanks to the decrease in infections and the improvement of the pandemic trend, the region has in fact recorded an incidence of infections of less than 50 for three consecutive weeks.

With its entry into force, the white zone will bring with it different changes. Let's see which ones.

What changes in the white zone: no curfew

The first important news that will come with the entry of the Campania Region in the white zone will be the abolition of the curfew: there will be no more time restrictions for returning home.

Restaurants, bars and betting rooms

Finally, the betting rooms, closed for 8 months, can reopen to citizens. Bars and restaurants can remain open without time limits, take-away and delivery are always allowed.


The movements are allowed without time limits and without specifying the reason if to others white areas. If, on the other hand, you move towards yellow areas, in the same way, the reason should not be justified, but the specific time restrictions for the yellow zones and those envisaged for private homes must still be respected.

If, on the other hand, you want to move throughout the national territory, you must be in possession of the green certification, or the Green Pass.

Obligation to wear a mask and other rules

Theobligation to wear a mask as an individual protection device, both indoors and outdoors. Prohibition of gathering and social distancing.

Diners at the restaurant table

The limit of people at the table indoors remains 4, except for cohabitants, in the latter case the number may be higher.

Image source: Corriere del Mezzogiorno

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