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A new test of the now famous system is coming EN Alert, which is establishing itself as a crucial tool for public security. This is an innovative mechanism, which in case of emergencies sends alerts directly to cell phones, ensuring vital information reaches the population quickly. But let's see when there will be new tests programmed in Campania.

What IT Alert is and how it works

First of all, however, let's remember what it is. EN Alert it is cutting-edge technology in emergency communication. A system that transmits alert messages directly to mobile phones, accompanied by a distinctive notification sound.

The objective is to immediately inform the population in case of natural disasters, Attack terrorists or others security threats. Its effectiveness lies in its ability to reach a large number of people simultaneously, without the need to download specific apps or incur additional costs.

When will there be IT alerts in Campania?

System tests EN Alert in Campania are scheduled for two specific dates, aiming to evaluate the effectiveness of the system in different scenarios.

The alarm of January 24th in Campania

Il 24st January, 12:00, the first test will be held, simulating a industrial accident wide-ranging.

This test will involve several areas, including Naples, where the company is located Garolla SRL. The exercise aims to evaluate the reactivity of the system in an emergency situation in an industrial context.

The alarm of January 26th in Campania

Subsequently, the 26st January, always at 12:00, a second test will take place, this time simulating the collapse of a large dam.

In particular, attention will be focused on Presenzano Dam and surrounding areas. This scenario tests the readiness of the IT Alert system in an extremely critical environmental context.

Through these tests, Campania not only evaluates the efficiency of an alert system modern but also strengthens the preparazione his population to respond adequately and effectively in situations of imminent danger.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
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