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Campania Romana at the MANN: here is the preview of the new section of the Museum

Campania Romana Mann

A special section at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples: here is the splendid preview of Campania Romana!

Is called Campania Roman the new section that starting from summer 2021 will be hosted in the beautiful National Archaeological Museum of Naples.

The exhibition will host more than 200 extraordinary masterpieces and on the MANN facebook page, you can admire a small preview entitled Portraits from Roman Campania. 

In particular, thanks to the wonderful photos of Luigi Spina, you will see the busts of various men and women, in marble or bronze. It is about shots really impressive, in fact, one gets the impression that the statues look straight into the lens, so as to seem real.

Portraits from Roman Campania

Thanks to this small preview, that the MANN makes available to citizens on the closing days of the Museum, you can admire several masterpieces that will enrich the section Campania Roman this summer.

Among these are the Chlamydate bust of Antonino Pio and Bust of Matidia, coming from Baia, and dating back to the second century. AD The two busts were found among Roman villas and settlements in Campania.

Then again the Adone of Capua of the second century. AD, which was located in the amphitheater of Santa Maria Capua Vetere and the statue of Nonio Balbo from the XNUMXst century. AD found instead in Herculaneum.

Image source: BonCulture

Information on digital preview

When: 21 February 2021

Where: MANN facebook page 

Price: free

Contacts: facebook page

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