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Capodimonte Museum in Naples, free admissions for the 14 and the 21 in July 2019

At the Capodimonte Museum in Naples Sundays with free admission in July, the 14 and the 21

Il Museum of Capodimonte will be at entry free on Sundays of 14 and 21 July 2019.

It should be remembered that until July 14 the Capodimonte Museum hosts a large exhibition dedicated to Michelangelo Merisi from Caravaggio. Is titled Caravaggio Naples and is curated by Maria Cristina Terzaghi and Sylvain Bellenger.

Naples represented a fundamental stage for life and for the work of the revolutionary late sixteenth-century painter.

The great Lombard lived under the Vesuvius for a total of 18 months. The first stay is supposed to have been between October of 1606 and June of 1607. In those nine months Caravaggio signed extraordinary and well-documented masterpieces, such as the Seven works of Mercy and scourging (currently in the Capodimonte Museum).

After his travels to Malta and Sicily, the artist returned to the capital of the Spanish viceroyalty in October of the 1609 and remained there until the following summer, to then die in dramatic circumstances the 18 July of 1610 in Porto Ercole, during the journey back to Rome.

Information on free admissions to the Capodimonte Museum

Where: at the Capodimonte Museum in Naples

When: 14 and 21 July 2019 Sundays

Hours: first floor (8.30-19.30); second and third floor (9.30-17.00); Wednesday closed

Price: free on free Sundays; ticket for one euro after the 19,30 in the evening openings

For info see the site of the Capodimonte Museum;

contacts: reception and information 081 7499130 (every day 10.00-18.00 excluding Wednesday, the day the Museum is closed; but the Exhibition on Caravaggio is open); switchboard: 081 7499111; ticket office: 848 800 288 (from a landline) or 39 06 399 67 050 (from mobile phones and from abroad); (Monday - Friday 9,00-17,00; Saturday 9.00-14,00)

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