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Caravaggio on display at the Museum of Capodimonte in Naples with the works of the Neapolitan period

The exhibition on Caravaggio in Naples at the Capodomonte Museum

The first exhibition on Caravaggio arriving at the Museo di Capodimonte in Naples, which explores the works of the Neapolitan stay and the effects on the Neapolitan pictorial school.

Starting from the month of April 2019 there will be an unmissable exhibition on Caravaggio al Museum of Capodimonte which, for the first time, will focus on works created by the great Michelangelo Merisi during his Neapolitan stay, probably the most intense period of his entire artistic production. The exhibition will be open to visitors from 12 April to 14 July.

A unique event in the national scene that already ranks among the most anticipated exhibitions of spring 2019, in a city like Naples that already hosts, and that will host in the coming months, major artistic events such as the exhibition of Escher at the Pan, That of Chagall at the Basilica della Pietrasanta and that on Canova at the National Archaeological Museum.

The exhibition Caravaggio in Naples was announced in recent days by the director of the Museum of Capodimonte Sylvain Bellenger during an interview with The Republic. He stressed the importance of an exhibition dedicated to Caravaggio in our city after well 15 years of absence.

"It will not be used to make visitors, but to study the 18 months of Caravaggio in Naples and its effect on the Neapolitan pictorial school. A Caravaggio itinerary will follow through the city: the places where he lived and that he attended, that of his study, the one that welcomed him when he arrived as a refugee in a new country with different laws. The last show on Caravaggio in Naples was in the 2004, in these 15 years there have been many novelties and also our vision of Caravaggio has changed: to that focused on prostitutes and the boys of Rome now we prefer that of the drama that follows the episode of the duel by the Merisi by Ranuccio Tomassoni "

Caravaggio in Naples, the works of the Neapolitan period and the effects on Neapolitan painting

The novelty of the exhibition on Caravaggio set up at the Capodimonte Museum is the special focus on the works performed by Michelangelo Merisi in his two Neapolitan stays.

Caravaggio arrived for the first time in Naples in the 1606, fleeing from Rome, and stayed in the Spanish Quarters. Works like the ones date back to this period "Seven Works of Mercy" and "Flagellation of Christ". The second Neapolitan stay was in 1610, the year in which Caravaggio painted the "Martyrdom of St. Ursula", the last work performed before dying and kept in the Palazzo Zevallos Gallery in Naples.

The exhibition Caravaggio in Naples will therefore be an opportunity to understand how the city of Naples, its evocative atmospheres, its characteristic alleys, its environments full of life and stimulating characters, have influenced the artistic production of the Master, reflecting in a particular way also the turbulent and rebellious character. But another good reason to visit this exhibition is to know the influence that Caravaggio had on 17th-century painting in Naples and the effects of his particular art on the Neapolitan pictorial school.

Information on the exhibition Caravaggio in Naples

When: from the 12 April to the 14 July 2019

price tickets:

Integrated exhibition + museum:

  • Full € 15,00 (not available on Wednesday)
    Reduced € 13,00 for children between the ages of 18 and 25 years (not available on Wednesday)
  • With 1 € more you can visit the Museum and the exhibitions in progress Jan Fabre. Red gold e Deposits of Capodimonte. Stories yet to be written

Only show:

  • Full € 14,00
    Reduced € 11,00 for campania holders> artecard; less than 25 years; adult groups (12-25 people); teachers of schools of all levels; military and law enforcement officers not on duty; conventions: holders of the arrow ticket for Naples or holders of Carta Freccia; ANM personalized ticket holders, Ryanair, Turkish Airlines
  • Reduced € 8,00 schools
  • Free for children under 6 years; handicapped; escort (family member or member of social-assistance services) of European Union citizens with disabilities with health documentation; ICOM members; tourist guides of the European Union with a professional license; cultural mediators; Italian and foreign journalists, upon request of accreditation to the press office of the Museum or Electa; 1 guide for group of adults (min 15); max 2 companions for school group.

The exhibition is free of charge even during the days of free admission to the museums.

For all other types of tickets, consult the site.

Where: Museum of Capodimonte, via Miano 2, Naples

info: Official website

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