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Cavani and son's ultrasound on Twitter: share his joy!

Every moment of one's life is shared on social networks: this is what usually happens on the virtual world. Cavani in fact, he wanted to show his supporters a picture of one of the greatest joys of his life.

No, it is not the spherical soccer ball, but a shot that takes theechography of his second-born future.

Lucas will arrive in March and the Napoli player wanted to share his pride on Twitter, through its official profile that counts, at the moment, 256.640 follower. "I leave you a picture of the ultrasound", These were the simple words that preceded the shot of the son de The Matador!


What do you think, it is a joy to share this type of content or symbolizes the death of the privacy? Everyone makes their own choice, but how would you behave?

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