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Cavani decided to stay: bought a house in Caserta

Cavani it does not leave Naples, or so it would seem from the last aspects. The Matador has just concluded thepurchase of a sumptuous 'palace', located at San Nicola La Strada in the Mirabella Park.

For him and his partner only the best: fireplace, swimming pool, garage, and a non-stop surveillance service, especially active during night hours. The house, of over 300 square meters, will be registered to the children his and his ex-wife, Bautista and Lucas.

The well-known newspaperChronicles of Caserta'revealed of a deposit from the value of 50 thousand euros already paid for the purchase of the property, which probably Cavani will share with Maria Rosaria Ventrone, the new flame originating from San Marco Evangelista, a municipality not too distant from the residence.

Cavani Parco Mirabella

A purchase of this scope leaves no room for different interpretations. With Maria Soledad it's really over, but with Naples anything but. The fate of the bomber of Salto seems to be, today more than ever, inextricably linked to the Neapolitan cause.

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