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In mid-March Luca Bernabei, managing director at Lux Vide, he had reassured the numerous fans, saying that God help us 8 will and that the writers were already working on new episodes over on those of One Step from Heaven need Don Matthew 14, which began filming on 19 June 2023. However, if the latter arrives “relatively soon”, how long will we have to wait for God help us 8? Here's what we found out.

When does God Help Us 8 start?

Le filming of Che Dio Ai Ai 8 have not started yet, but considering the timing of the Rai, it is possible (here, however, the conditional is a must) that they could leave after the end of filming of Don Matteo 14, then during theAutumn 2023 or next Spring 2024. Considering that Don Matthew 14, presumably, will arrive during thewinter 2023 after the end of Hearts 2, we will in all likelihood revisit Blue Leonardi (became a nun), Sister Constance, Sister Angela (perhaps) and the new girls and boys of the Convent of the Angels between end of 2024 andbeginning of 2025.

Anticipations of Che Dio Ai Ai 8

In the meantime, we do not yet know the first previews of Che Dio ci Aiuti 8, but according to what was revealed by Francesca Chillemi, the very good actress she plays Blue Leonardi, after her appointment as a nun Azzurra will have to manage on its own, therefore, after a "first return", it is likely that we will have to say goodbye to Sister Angela. However, nothing has been decided yet, as numerous spectators have complained about the absence of the emblematic nun, played by Elena Sofia Ricci, during the seventh season. We will therefore see if the Tuscan actress will change her mind and agree to return to interpret the beloved nun.

The cast of God Help Us 8

As regards the cast of God Help Us 8, we will find for sure:

  • Francesca Chillemi in the role of Sister Azzurra Leonardi;
  • Valeria Fabrizi in the role of Sister Constance;
  • Ileana D'Ambra in the role of Chain;
  • Florence Pieri in the role of Sister Theresa;

Still uncertain the presence of Pierpaolo Spollon (Emilian), while it is now safe to abandon Emma Valenti (Ludovica) need Filippo De Carli (Hector).

Where to see May God Help Us 8 on TV and in streaming

God help us 8, like the previous seven seasons of the series, will be broadcast on Rai Uno, While the reruns of episodes they will be able to be seen immediately after the broadcast on the free platform RaiPlay.

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