Who is Elisa De Grazalema and why is she linked to Alonso?

Elisa De Grazalema in The Promise

The plot of “The Promise” is enriched with the arrival of an intriguing character: the Baroness of Grazalema, played by Lisi Linder.

This mysterious figure, daughter of the Baron of Linaja, joins the other guests in the palace of the Marquises of Luján. His appearance arouses interest, especially in Alonso, who he seems to be hiding a past with her.

What is Alonso's relationship with Baroness Elisa De Grazalema?

The Baroness Elisa De Grazalema, also known as Elisa de la Vega before his noble marriage, he re-emerges from Alonso's past. Their chance meeting triggers a series of unexpected reactions, especially in Alonso, who he appears visibly upset from his presence.

It turns out that their bond has roots in a romantic past, a detail that will create considerable problems, particularly in his relationship with the marquise.

The conflictual relationship with the Marchioness: a real thorn in his side

The Baroness does not go unnoticed, especially in the eyes of the Marchioness, who sees in her one potential rival or maybe something more. Elisa's presence stirs the waters, bringing to light jealousies and latent tensions. His charisma and personal story are intertwined with those of the other characters, upsetting all the balances, which in truth were already precarious.

Who is Lizi Linder, the actress who plays Baroness Elisa de Grazalema

Lisi Linder, the actress who gives life to the Baroness, has always stood out for her talent and her stage presence. Known for roles in productions such as “Serve and Protect"and "Mar de Plastico“, Linder is able to play Elisa with a touch of mystery and elegance, main traits of the Baroness' character, making each of her appearances in “The Promise” a moment not to be missed.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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