Who is Manuela Carriero to Men and Women. Age, boyfriends, private life


In the world of Italian entertainment, Manuela Carriero has captured the attention of the audience as a participant of Temptation island and now as tronista of Men and women. But let's find out more about this girl full of personality who was, in fact, selected by Maria DeFilippi.

Career Manuela Carriero

Manuela Carriero is not new to the world of television. After participating in Temptation island in 2021, she became a tronista Men and women for the 2023/2024 season, a choice positively received by the public.

Manuela Carriero at Temptation Island

In 2021, Manuela Carriero took part in Temptation island together with his former partner Stefano Sirena. The choice to participate in the experience in the village of temptations was determined by the treachery him, and their relationship ended dramatically during the final confrontation bonfire, a moment that has become iconic for the slap which Manuela gave to her boyfriend.

During his stay in the program, Manuela Carriero encounter Luciano Punzo, with whom he began a relationship that ended a few months ago.

Manuela Carriero's ex boyfriends

Manuela Carriero she had a relationship with Stefano Sirena, a basketball player and former assistant manager of an electrical appliance store. Their story ended during Temptation island. She also had a brief relationship with Luciano Punzo. She currently she is single.

How old is Manuela Carriero (age)

Born on 7 July 1989 in Brindisi, Manuela Carriero he is currently 34 years old.

Manuela Carriero's family

The family life of Manuela Carriero it was marked by challenges. She grew up in a problematic family, she often lived in the family home due to parental issues. At 15 she started working, and after the illness and death of father, at the age of 18 he left the community and found two jobs, looking after his own fratelli.

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