Who is Vannacci from the League elected to the 2024 European Championships

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Roberto Vannacci is known in the panorama of European politics thanks to its past as military and his recent election to European Parliament. But not everyone knows who he is and I know the information regarding his life and career as well as the discussions he has sparked.

Personal background and studies

Born in La Spezia, Vannacci he developed a strong interest in defense and military tactics since his college days, earning degrees in strategic sciences, international sciences e military sciences. Speak fluently English, French, Romanian, Portuguese, Spanish e Russian, skills that have expanded his opportunities in armed forces.

Military career

During his long career inItalian army, Vannacci he commanded elite units such as the Task Force 45 in Afghanistan. and the parachute brigade thunderbolt. He led high-risk missions, consolidating his reputation as a decisive and reliable leader. His experiences in the field in Iraq as head of the Italian contingent they further strengthened his position as military notable.

Who is Vannacci married to and his family

Roberto Vannacci is married to Camelia Mihailescu, of Romanian origin, and together they have two daughters, Elena e Michela. Camelia, a charming and multilingual figure, communicates with her followers on her social networks in Italian, English and Romanian, showing not only excellent linguistic ability but also strong support for her husband.

Camellia's passions include fitness and animals, in particular domestic birds, and often shares moments of his daily life on Facebook and Instagram, from gym sessions to family affection. She is also a great lover of and and gentle cosmetics, as demonstrated by the photos he publishes, often embellished with landscapes and works of art.

In addition to being a dedicated mother, Camelia has shown a marked interest in and a strong bond with Italian cuisine culture Italian, highlighted by her numerous social activities. Her charismatic presence and beauty could soon open the doors of the television world to her, making her a well-known face in the talk show. With Roberto, she shares a life of commitments and mutual support, uniting in both private life and public relations.

Political career and entry into the European Parliament

The entrance of Vannacci in European Parliament represents a new phase in his career, bringing his experience into politics defense e safety. Supported by Alloy, centered his election campaign on the protection of safety internal and on the strengthening of European policies in this area.

Controversies and turning points

Vannacci has faced numerous controversies, especially for his critical positions towards the leaders of the defense Italian regarding the risk ofImpoverished uranium. He has always shown courage in discussing thorny issues, often positioning himself at odds with the establishment.

Current activities and roles

Today Vannacci runs theMilitary Geographical Institute a Florence, where he is responsible for producing maps essential to operations militar and civilians. His current role allows him to directly apply his extensive experience in policy improvement defense e safety of the country.

Roberto Vannacci's most famous statements

Roberto Vannacci he made headlines not only for his political positions, but also for a series of statements strong and often controversial. The sentences sparked debates and sparked reactions from many quarters, highlighting his direct and unfiltered approach. Below, some of his most discussed statements:

  1. “Dear homosexuals, you are not normal, get over it! Normality is heterosexuality.” – This sentence sparked widespread controversy due to its direct tone and exclusive vision of normality.
  2. “You Zan who is a homosexual does not represent normality for a statistical fact.” – During a television debate, he used statistics to define what he considers normal, underlining a clear separation with the LGBT community.
  3. “They want to destructure society, because a destructured society is easier to lead.” – In this statement, Vannacci refers to alleged power groups that aim to weaken the traditional structure of society.
  4. “Mussolini is a statesman as were Cavour, Stalin and all the men who held state positions.” – Comparing such different historical figures, this sentence has reignited discussions about his true political positions.
  5. “Whether we like it or not, we are not born equal on this earth and therefore those who arrive in Italy should be immensely grateful for their compassion and generosity.” – Speaking about immigration, Vannacci expressed a point of view that many found provocative and divisive.
  6. “As execrable as it is, hatred is a feeling, an emotion that cannot be repressed in a courtroom.” – Claiming the right to freedom of expression, this sentence raised concerns about the line between freedom and hate speech.
  7. “I believe that classes with 'separate characteristics' would help kids with great potential to express themselves to the fullest, and even those with more difficulties would be helped in a special way.” – On the topic of education, Vannacci proposes a system that many consider retrograde and discriminatory.
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