Who will replace Osimhen? Ronaldo hypothesis and Auriemma's thesis

Napoli footballers Osimhen and Kvaratskhelia rejoice together

Rumors about a can Victor's transfer osimhen at the end of the season they become more and more insistent. The XNUMX-year-old Napoli striker is proving to be crucial this season.

The Nigerian scored 4 goals in 7 appearances in Serie A and 1 goal in 2 Champions League appearances. These are excellent numbers, especially if we consider the young age, the athletic abilities and the contribution to the overall game that the player offers to the team. All this, of course, he did raise the price of the player, making De Laurentiis more prone to its sale.

Among those who believe in one sale of the player at the end of the season, there is also the journalist Raffaele Auriemma.

Auriemma: “the substitute for osimhen he will be very young”

The journalist (and Neapolitan fan) Raffaele Auriemma he stated during various interviews that he had already found out who will replace osimhen at the end of the season. According to the man, he will be a center forward 2003 class, but did not want to reveal the name of the young footballer.

Auriemma said:

 “All afternoon I was able to see on wyscout everything a striker can do who, as I see it, will become a wonderful footballer. I'll tell you now: he will become the centre-forward of the Azzurri when he is sold osimhen. I followed it closely and was impressed. If I tell you the nationality or the league in which he plays then it becomes easy to find out who it is. I can give you just one clue: it's a 2003, but I won't add anything else. I repeat: I was enchanted by the qualities of this boy".

Among the best-known talents born in 2003 are She had to, landlord e Elliott. See them as perfect substitutes for osimhenHowever, it may still be a bit premature.

Ronaldo instead of osimhen?

A forbidden dream of many Neapolitan fans is to see Cristiano Ronaldo wearing the blue shirt.

The Portuguese is not having a great season at the Manchester United, where he was put almost on the sidelines of the team.

Un low cost transfer of the Portuguese could be possible, but the issue of salary and image rights would remain.

Either way, it is difficult for De Laurentiis to sell a young man like osimhen, who currently has a minimum valuation of 65 million euros, and points to a player who cannot guarantee him any capital gain in the coming years.

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