Transit to San Gennaro ad Antignano closed due to risk of collapse

Via San Gennaro in Antignano

Un unsafe ruin located in the narrow street of Vomero, which connects via Salvator Rosa a Artists' Square, forced the authorities to temporarily close via Conte della Cerra.

We're talking about a stretch of road, fundamental for the local traffic, for access to Polyclinic of District 27 and for access to Arenella ring road. The road has been closed since local police following one beware of the firefighters. THE critical condition of the ruin, despite previous interventions securing, they made necessary immediate measures to ensure the public security.

The reasons for the road closure and the problems encountered

The closure of via Conte della Cerra was arranged by local police following a warning from firefighters, who found a serious risk of collapse of the ruin located along the road.

Although the ruin had already been cordoned off and equipped with scaffolding, the inspection carried out on 29 May highlighted a evolving kinematics in the load-bearing tuff masonry structure. In essence, the walls are moving and are becoming seriously damaged over time, with risk that the foundations of the structure are also compromised.

In fact, several were found cracks and instabilities, aggravated by the presence of a substantial root system of spontaneous vegetation on the roof which is penetrating the cracks and widening them. Furthermore, the lack of an adequate rainwater drainage system contributed to the deterioration of the structures.

[we detected a] state of suffering of the load-bearing structures of the building with previous or evolving crack patterns, presence of a substantial root system of spontaneous vegetation pushing up to the roof level, total lack of suitable rainwater collection systems and no longer effective waterproofing of the roof and considering it necessary to carry out in-depth checks also on the state of the foundations


Closures and changes to traffic

To ensure safety during the work to secure the ruin, various measures have been adopted modification of the road system in via San Gennaro in Antignano. The authorities have ordered the prohibition of vehicular transit in the stretch between civic 47 and the intersection between via della Cerra e Arenella climb, as well as in the stretch between civic 55 and the intersection with via San Gennaro al Vomero.

Furthermore, for authorized vehicles, a alternating one way in the same sections, thus allowing a minimum amount of safe transit. It was also imposed prohibition of vehicular and pedestrian transit in the area between civic 47 of via San Gennaro in Antignano and the IP pole n. 0740318.

  • Ban on vehicular transit in two sections of via San Gennaro in Antignano.
  • Alternate one-way for authorized vehicles in critical sections.
  • Prohibition of vehicular and pedestrian transit in a specific area to ensure maximum safety.

The problem of reaching Santobono

The closure of via Conte della Cerra and the changes to the road system have created significant inconveniences in reaching theSantobono Pausilipon Hospital given that this road, in fact, is one of the main accesses for those who need to reach the hospital and for emergency vehicles heading towards the Arenella ring road.

The measures taken to ensure safety, such as alternating one way and the prohibition of vehicular transit, have slowed down traffic and significantly increased travel times given that traffic is more present on the other city arteries.

The timeframe for restoring normal circulation is not yet known.

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