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White Chronicle concerning Naples and its province to stay informed about interesting and light news.

The New York Times fascinated by Naples describes it as a glorious city and invites everyone to visit it!

Published the first calls of the Campania Region Competition for the inclusion of 2175 figures, waiting for the other calls for a ...

2019 summer sales start in Naples and Campania! That's when the discount season begins.

Diana, of 6 years, urgently needs a bone marrow transfusion. In Naples, a place to find compatible donors.

The pedestrianization projects via Coroglio and ZTL Bagnoli in Naples have been approved. The aim is to make the areas more livable ...

Flixbus also arrives in the Vesuvian area with a new stop in Ercolano to connect the city with other 12 destinations!

The torch of the Universiade 2019 will be kept at the Mann in Naples: the Olympic spirit returns home.

For Alberto Angela, honorary degree in archeology in Naples: Partenope's thanks to a master of disclosure

The Rione Sanità quarries in Naples will become parking lots that will be directly connected to the access ramps to the Tangenzial ...