Cinemagma, independent films at the Sala Molière Theater in Pozzuoli: the program

The appointment with cinematographic culture and innovation is renewed in Pozzuoli: Cinemagma 2024. The review, now in its fourth edition, celebrates the independent cinema with an exclusive selection of short films.

Each Wednesday, from January 10 to February 7, Molière Hall Theatre it turns into a crossroads of ideas and artistic visions. Directed by the well-known Nando Paone, this free event confirms itself as an unmissable opportunity for fans of the sector and beyond, offering a one-of-a-kind experience in the cultural panorama of Pozzuoli.

The review of independent films

Cinemagma represents a prestigious stage for the independent cinema, a place where emerging talents can express themselves and make themselves known. This year, the exhibition welcomes one selection of 16 short films, edited by the film historian Joseph Borrone.

Watching these films represents a journey through different stories, each with its own uniqueness and message. In addition to the projections, Cinemagma stands out for the organization of debates and interviews, allowing an open dialogue between creators and the public. The participation of Nando Paone as director of the Sala Molière Theater he further enriches the event, bringing a profound knowledge and passion for the sector.

The film program

The program of Cinemagma 2024 is divided into several evenings, each with its own specific selection of short films:

  • 10 January:
    • “The Delay” by Mattia Napoli
    • “It's Only the Wind” by Enrico Iannaccone
    • Other short films followed by Q&A with the authors
  • 17 January:
    • “Super Jesus” by Vito Palumbo
    • “A Blind Man's Fly” by Mino Capuano
    • Other works and question and answer sessions
  • 24 January:
    • “Super Giò” by Gianni Aureli
    • “Who Shoots First” by Emanuele Palamara
    • Additional screenings and interactive discussions
  • 31 January:
    • “415” by Antonella Sabatino and Stefano Blasi
    • Selection of other innovative short films
  • February 7: Awards evening, a highlight to celebrate the talents that emerged during the event.
  • Where: Sala Molière Theater in Pozzuoli
  • When:
    • Wednesday January 10 2024
    • Wednesday January 17 2024
    • Wednesday January 24 2024
    • Wednesday January 31 2024
    • Wednesday February 07 2024
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