Circeo, the series November 28, 2023. Plot of the last episode

Circeo TV series

circle, the TV series that has kept you glued to the TV more than 2,5 million viewers su Rai 1, is about to reach its highly anticipated finale. This narrative journey, a co-production of Cattleya, Vis, Paramount+ and Rai Fiction, revisited the tragic event of the 1975 a San Felice Circeo. With only six episodes, the series was able to delve deeply into the emotions and social realities of an era. Now, it's time to find out how this intense story will end.

Plot of the last episode of Circeo, broadcast on 28 November 2023

The epic finale of circle transports us into the heart of the process. The July 29 1976 becomes a key day: John Guido, Angelo Izzo e Andrew Ghira they face a life sentence. This historical moment marks a turning point in the fight for women's rights, with Teresa Capogrossi and the lawyer Tina Lagostena Bassi on the front line.

In the meantime, Donatella Colasanti, the only survivor of the horror, struggles to rebuild her life. She looks for a job, approaches the theater and tries to build new bonds, but the ghosts of the past are always present. Teresa e Tina, convinced of the importance of showing a rape trial on TV, work on a revolutionary documentary.

With the announcement of the appeal process, the story takes an unexpected turn. Five years after the first degree sentence, without much media hype, the case is reopened. Tarsitano e Lagostena Bassi, supported by Teresa, they fight with more determination than ever to sustain Donatella and for the confirmation of the sentence. The 28 October 1980 the sentence arrives: life imprisonment for Izzo e Ghira, while for Guido the sentence is reduced to 30 years, following his repentance and acceptance of compensation from the victim's family, Rosaria López.

How many episodes is “Circeo"

circle it was an enthralling journey through six intense episodes and full of emotions. Each episode was able to narrate with detail and sensitivity a story that shook Italy, keeping the viewer in a constant state of involvement.

When the series “Circeo"

The ending of circle, aired on 28th November su Rai 1, marks the conclusion of this series that has kept an entire country in suspense. After the extraordinary success of the first episodes, this evening, the story will reach its epilogue, concluding an important chapter of Italian television.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
Image source: RaiPlay
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