Circumvesuviana di Baiano closes for 3 months, 3-year stop for the Centro Direzionale stop

Circumvesuviana of Naples stops in Piazza Garibaldi
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The railway line Napoli-Baiano will be closed for almost 3 months following the need to start an important phase of modernization works e maintenance which will obviously involve some planned outages. Instead the Centro Direzionale stop will be closed for 3 years.

The interventions will be carried out in collaboration with the City of Naples, according to what EAV declared, are fundamental interventions to guarantee greater safety ed efficiency on the line. In the coming months, therefore, many inconveniences await us. To make up for it, some replacement services will be organised in order to facilitate travel.

With the deviation of the line Napoli-Baiano on the station San Giorgio a Cremano, following the closure of the part of the Management Centre, the passengers they will have to change trains to continue towards Naples.
Let's see the reasons for this closure, the alternatives available and the details of the works that will be carried out.

The reasons behind the closure of the Baiano line

The closure of the line Napoli-Baiano is due to interventions by maintenance e modernization necessary to solve structural problems and guarantee a safer and more regular service.

The gallery between Napoli e Volla, built about 30 years ago, has numerous water infiltrations decidedly significant and various cracks in the bottom slab. Problems in recent years they got worse due to the realization of the Naples metro tunnel, which increased infiltration in the tunnel EAV. Despite continuous maintenance interventions, the situation has become unbearable, making waterproofing and reconstruction work essential.

When will the Baiano line reopen

Work on the line Napoli-Baiano will start on July 1st and will continue until September 11th. During this period, the line will be completely interrupted to allow for interventions maintenance. The works were scheduled during this period in order to take advantage of the school closure period and the reduction of summer work activities, so as to minimize inconvenience for commuters as far as possible.

The reopening is scheduled for September 12th and hopefully with improved service in terms of safety e regularity.

When will the Centro Direzionale circumvesuviana stop close and reopen

Starting from July 1st, the Centro Direzionale circumvesuviana stop will be closed for 3 years.

The station of the Centro Direzionale of the Circumvesuviana will be closed for three years precisely for a total makeover. This means the line coming from Baiano will have to divert towards the station San Giorgio a Cremano, where passengers heading to Naples will have to change trains.

Starting from July 1st, the line will be completely interrupted to allow for works maintenance, necessary to improve the safety andefficiency of service.

The reopening is scheduled for September 11th, with the new route that will lead to San Giorgio a Cremano. This interruption was necessary due to serious structural problems, similar to the ones they often lead to RFI to temporarily close other routes, like Napoli-Castellammare during the summer.

During the entire period of the works, services will be activated replacements e automotive supplements to ensure that passengers can still reach their destinations without too much inconvenience.

Buses and replacement services on the Baiano line

During the line closure period Napoli-Baiano, services will be activated replacements e integrative automobile companies managed by AIR. With these services we will try to guarantee the continuity of transport for passengers who usually use the railway line.

Replacement buses will cover all main stations, allowing travelers to reach their destinations with the least possible inconvenience, but obviously it will not be the same as rail transport.

They will be expected stops near closed stations and direct connections to key points of the local transport network.

What works will be carried out on the Baiano line

During the closure of the line Napoli-Baiano, various interventions will be carried out modernization e maintenance to improve the safety and efficiency of the railway service. Major works include:

  • Tunnel waterproofing between Naples and Volla, to resolve the problems of water infiltration and cracks that have compromised the structure in recent years.
  • Dismantling of the existing railway section and construction of a new waterproofed tunnel inside the current one.
  • Renewal of railway facilities, including the replacement of switches and power supply units in main stations such as Baiano, Nola and Saviano.
  • Installation of a new railway traffic control system (CTC) for the Naples-Baiano and San Giorgio-Volla routes.
  • Extraordinary maintenance interventions on electric traction and signaling systems, to guarantee a more reliable service.
  • Mowing and extraordinary cleaning along the line to improve visibility and safety of the tracks.
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