Circumvesuviana, here is the summer train timetable for 2024

Circumvesuviana of Naples stops in Piazza Garibaldi
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From 1 July and until 10 September 2024 thesummer time for the Vesuvian lines. As every year there will be changes significant cuts to racing, especially for lines Naples-Sarno e Naples-Poggiomarino, while the line to Baiano remains completely suspended for work.

Only the line to Sorrento will see an increase in travel to cope with the greater influx of tourists.

How to access trains to Sorrento and the Campania Express from Piazza Garibaldi and advice for tourists

From 3 July 2023, trains heading to Sorrento will start from binary 1 of Piazza Garibaldi. THE Campania Express, instead, they will start from binary 3.

Travelers are advised to always check the starting track on the scoreboards present in the station, both at the ticket office and at the gates. It is important to arrive early, especially during the summer period, to avoid delays and ensure a smooth journey.

Here are our tips for tourists heading to Sorrento:

  • Check the starting platform given that multiple trains leave for different destinations on the same platform
  • Don't rely on the last race, is often deleted
  • Arrive early than the scheduled time
  • Check the updated timetables on the boards at the entrance to the platforms
Campania Express

The summer timetables of the Sorrento line that passes through Pompeii

The line's summer timetables Naples-Sorrento provide departures from Naples Porta Nolana e Piazza Garibaldi. The trains will make strategic stops, including at the station Pompeii Excavations – Villa of the Mysteries, very popular with tourists.

Departure times from Naples and Pompei Scavi:

  • Departures da Naples Porta Nolana for Pompei Scavi and Sorrento: 5, 40, 6, 16, 7, 28, 8, 22, 8, 40, 9, 16pm, 9pm, 52pm, 10pm, 28pm, 11pm, 04pm, 11pm, 22pm, 11pm, 40pm, 12pm, 16pm: 12pm, 52pm, 13pm, 28pm, 14pm, 04pm, 14pm, 22pm
  • Return to Naples da Pompeii Excavations – Villa of the Mysteries: 6:11, 6:33, 7:09, 7:45, 8:21, 8:57, 9:33, 10:09, 10:45, 11:01, 11:21, 11:57, 12 :33, 13pm, 09pm, 13pm, 45pm, 14pm, 01pm, 14pm, 21pm, 14pm, 57pm, 15pm, 33pm , 16pm, 09pm, 16pm, 45pm, 17pm, 01pm, 17pm, 21pm
  • Departures from Sorrento for Central Naples and Porta Nolana:
    5:30, 5:50, 6:26, 7:02, 7:38, 8:14, 8:50, 9:26, 10:02, 10:20, 10:38, 11:14, 11:50, 12:26, 13:02, 13:20, 13:38, 14:14, 14:50, 15:26, 16:02, 16:20, 16:38, 17:14, 17:50, 18:26, 19:02, 19:20, 19:38, 20:14, 20:50, 21:26, 22:02

Here you will find the PDF with the complete train timetable for Sorrento.

The summer timetables of the Poggiomarino line

The line's summer timetables Naples-Torre Annunziata-Poggiomarino they will suffer significant cuts. Trips will be reduced for the entire duration of the summer period, creating possible inconveniences.

  • Departure times from Naples Porta Nolana to Poggiomarino:
    5:50, 5:57, 6:26, 6:33, 7:02, 7:09, 7:38, 7:45, 8:14, 8:50, 8:57, 9:26, 9:30, 10:09, 10:38, 10:45, 11:13, 11:50, 11:57, 12:33, 13:02, 13:09, 13:38, 13:45, 14:13, 14:50, 14:57, 15:26, 15:33, 16:02, 16:09, 16:38, 16:45, 17:13, 17:50, 17:57, 18:26, 18:33, 19:02, 19:09, 19:38, 19:45, 20:21, 20:57, 21:33
  • Main departures from Poggiomarino to Naples Porta Nolana:
    5:54, 6:30, 7:06, 7:42, 8:18, 8:54, 9:30, 10:06, 10:42, 11:18, 12:30, 13:42, 14:54, 15:30, 16:42, 17:18, 17:54, 18:30, 19:42, 20:18

Here you will find the PDF with the complete train timetable for Poggiomarino.

The summer timetables of the Sarno line

The line's summer timetables Naples-Sarno will suffer significant reductions during the summer period. Departures will be less frequent, causing possible inconvenience to commuters and regular travellers

Main departures from Naples Porta Nolana to Sarno:

  • 5:46, 6:22, 6:58, 7:34, 8:10, 8:46, 9:22, 11:10, 12:22, 13:34, 14:46, 15:22, 15:58, 16:34, 17:10, 17:46, 18:22, 18:58, 19:34, 19:58

Main departures from Sarno to Naples Porta Nolana:

  • 6:02, 6:38, 7:14, 7:50, 8:26, 9:02, 9:38, 10:14, 10:50, 11:26, 13:14, 14:26, 15:38, 16:50, 17:26, 18:02, 18:38, 19:14, 19:50, 19:597

Here you will find the PDF with the complete train timetable for Poggiomarino.

The interruption and replacement services of the line to Baiano

The railway line for Baiano è completely suspended due to maintenance work extraordinary. An interruption that is already causing significant inconvenience to travelers who use this line. To mitigate the impact, they were made available bus replacement services, but their frequency is much reduced compared to trains and the first problems arose with them right from their debut the buses that stopped during the march.

The problems of the replacement buses for the Baiano line

The suspension of the railway line for Baiano has created considerable inconvenience for over 5000 commuters who use this service on a daily basis. The replacement buses, although numerically adequate with 200 runs every day, are unable to compensate for the efficiency of the train, generating numerous protests and inconveniences.

The main critical issues that emerged:

  • Paths not well defined: Drivers often do not know the route, causing delays and inconveniences.
  • Limited links: The buses do not connect all the internal municipalities, forcing travelers to change vehicles or use the car.
  • Congested traffic: The replacement of trains with buses has increased road traffic, making travel slower and more inconvenient.
  • Accidents: A recent example saw a bus involved in an accident in Baiano, fortunately without injuries.

Temporary solutions such as the connection lines between Scisciano, Saviano and Nola, or between Cimitile, Roccarainola, Cicciano and Nola, have been activated, but cannot completely eliminate the inconveniences.

Accessibility rules for people with reduced mobility

People with reduced mobility (PMR) will need to pay particular attention to accessibility rules during the summer period. Some stations are only accessible under certain conditions, while others are completely inaccessible.

Direction Sorrento:

  • Porta Nolana: conditional accessibility, consult the website for details.
  • Use the direct Naples-Sorrento trains to get off at accessible stations such as Pompei Scavi, Via Nocera, Castellammare di Stabia, Vico Equense, Meta, Piano and Sorrento.
  • The Naples-Torre Annunziata shuttles and the Naples-Poggiomarino trains can be used to reach the accessible stations between Porta Nolana and Torre Annunziata.

Intermediate boarding stations:

  • San Giorgio a Cremano, Portici Bellavista, Torre del Greco, Trecase: use exclusively the shuttle towards Torre Annunziata, then get on the direct train to Sorrento from the same platform.
  • Torre Annunziata: accessibility guaranteed only for the passage from the shuttle to the direct route, other routes inaccessible.
  • For those going up to Torre Annunziata, use the station Villa Regina (accessible) as an alternative.

Direction Naples:

  • Hop-on stations: Sorrento, Piano (conditional accessibility), Meta (conditional accessibility), Vico Equense (stairlift), Castellammare di Stabia (conditional accessibility), Via Nocera, Villa Regina.
  • Use the direct trains and get off at Porta Nolana station (conditional accessibility).
  • To reach the accessible stations between Torre Annunziata and Porta Nolana, report your presence to the train conductor who will make stops at accessible stations such as Trecase (stairlift).
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