Does Claudio Amendola have a new girlfriend? That's who it is

Thursday, 25/05/2023
Frances Orelli
claudio amendola

Claudius Amendola, almost a year after his announcement of divorce from Francesca Neri, with whom he has been married for more than twenty years, he has a new girlfriend. Here's who it is about her and what we know about her.

Claudius Amendola has always been very private and has tried, as much as possible, not to end up in the crosshairs of the paparazzi, but last year it was almost inevitable when, out of the blue, he announced his divorce from Francesca Neri after more than twenty years of marriage and life together.

After that, nothing was known about the actor, who we recently saw as the director in the series The Patriarch, which was a resounding success, has slipped into the shadows. Until, in the last few hours, it was pinched with another woman by photographers of Diva and Donna outside a restaurant.

The two appeared very happy and, according to what was revealed by numerous sources close to the actor, Claudius Amendola not only would he be very taken with her, but the two would also live together since last October 2022.

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Claudius Amendola, who is his new partner: here's what we know about her

But who is the new mysterious girlfriend? that she would be able to win the heart of Claudius Amendola? She would be called Giorgia, would be 45 years old, therefore fifteen years younger than the actor and, by profession, would be the costume designer. It is therefore not excluded that she and the well-known face of the entertainment world may have met behind the scenes of some theatrical show, of the "The Patriarch" set or some other movie.

Not much else is known about her, because in the meantime they haven't been there confirmations or denials by those directly involved, who also appeared very united. It is not excluded, however, that they may have only seen each other for work reasons, but theindiscretion of Diva and Donna is only the latest in the series after, a few months ago, Dagospia had revealed that, after the divorce from Francesca Neri, the heart of Claudius Amendola he had begun to beat again for another woman. Be it Giorgia the other woman?

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