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Giugliano: Roma ask the truth about Andrea's murder

After the murder of the young Roma, occurred at dawn yesterday on the Axis Mediano near Giugliano, the Roma communities Italian has decided to bring out the truth about what happened. At Camp 6 in Giugliano, an all-night vigil was held in memory of Andrea Hadzovic, the 21 year old young man killed by the police. Not only that, all those present asked for "Chacinò", that is, the truth.

According to the latest investigations, the boy, who had not stopped at a checkpoint, was returning from one rapina and he carried with him three accomplices. The latter were arrested just this morning by law enforcement. Despite this, it is still unclear why the police shot and killed: whether for the escape attempt, whether because they lacked insurance or fear. The fact is that they were found on the ground 30 cartridge cases of bullet, all supplied by law enforcement agencies and this quantity does not identify "a warning, but an execution. He shot himself to kill. We are baffled. This is why we want the truth ".

These, at least, the words of Marcello Zuinisi legal representative of the "Roma Nation" association. Zuinisi asks that the suspect that it should be an execution is removed as soon as possible and, to do so, it is necessary to investigate properly, also assessing the statements of the 3 arrested boys, considering that at the moment we know only the police version.

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Meanwhile, Andrea's brothers asked to do not perform autopsy sul the victim's body because “it is useless. Andrea is dead and no one will be able to give him back ”. Yet, one of the members of the Council of Elders of the Italian Roma communities who gathered around the fire tonight together with the boy's family, replied that we must "get out of the logic of war and establish a logic of peace. "

Also for this reason it was decided to present projects aimed at cooperation and integration of the Roma populations, since the funds for these emergencies are there. Zuinisi himself went a few days ago to the minister Andrea Riccardi, who deals with international cooperation and integration and now proposes to present these projects to the Mayor of Giugliano and the Mayor of Naples.

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