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Aperitifs at the beach in Naples and its province 5 best local


The best venues where you can sip an aperitif on the beach between Naples and its province, shores that turn into bars in the evening with drinks, music and lots of fun

We all look forward to the summer to finally be able to dive into the sea and refresh ourselves from the heat that accompanies us throughout the season. So we spend whole days to get a perfect tan and to relax on the many beaches of our coasts.

Yet, the beaches and bathing facilities that we reach during the day can also be an excellent alternative to have fun in the evening, taking advantage of their magical locations that turn into real nightlife local on the beach which offer us the opportunity to drink aperitifs, cocktail and various drinks cradled by the roar of the waves and observed by the stars.

Napolike has listed for you the best 5s clubs between Naples and the province, ideal clubs to spend a night in company drinking something good and dancing to the notes of the best DJs around.

Lost Paradise Club

A small corner of paradise nestled in the heart of Bacoli, Lost Paradise is an exclusive beach club that offers the most comfortable opportunities for relaxation thanks to the surrounding greenery, hot tubs, swimming pool, hammocks and swings on the sea. at night it gives the opportunity to enjoy a great aperitif on the beach. From the 21.30 of every evening, you can unleash it thanks to the notes that come from the DJ set and the suggestive light torches and lanterns that come to life on the Solarium turned into a real dance floor.

The restaurant is equipped with alarge terrace which offers a splendid view of the Bay gulf and of a fascinating descent full of green that gradually reaches the sea.
Also, if you park the car in the parking lot near the Castle of Baia, a shuttle will take you to the entrance of the Lost Paradise, being the local somewhat distant from that area.

Beach Brothers

Structure located near the promontory of Capo Miseno, during the day is a beach as others, but in the evening becomes a club where you can have a drink directly on the beach. It features well two bars in which order the favorite cocktail and offers the possibility to sit on the comfortable armchairs and on the sofas positioned on the sand, but also on deckchairs among the umbrellas.

Even here, the night will be accompanied by background music and, if you have the desire, you will not be denied the opportunity to make a swim at night, with the splendid Phlegrean landscape in the background.
The only sore point: the parking lots nearby are expensive.

Rama Beach

The Rama is a place with oriental atmospheres that refer mainly to Indonesia, having been designed and built in Bali and having taken its name from the homonymous Hindu deity. Its two floors are furnished with bas-reliefs and Hindu masks and in the whole structure prevail decorations in straw, wood and white fabrics, while a huge dragon will welcome you at the entrance. Open all day, the evening becomes the ideal place where happenings, concerts, clubbing and cultural events come to life.

When the sun begins to fall, the will begin sunset aperitif, the aperitif at sunset, but you can have fun all night sipping your favorite drinks and dancing to the music of the Dj Set.


Nabilah is another exclusive club that attracts thousands of patrons every summer, both for what it offers during the day and in the evening, but above all for night-time entertainment. A structure with swimming pools, relaxation areas and access to the beach, Nabilah is known above all for its famous Sunday aperitif to start enjoying from the sunset.

A stage with international artists who perform live completes the evening and there are rare cases where yachts and boats attract from the nearby Ischia, Capri and Procida and are welcomed by the local tender bar.
With its 3 bar with sofas and armchairs in which to sink, the Nabilah is suitable for those who want to end the week in style.

Panorama Beach Club

A trendy and trendy place, the Panorama Beach Club is always located in Bacoli, precisely at Fusaro, and is one of the favorite destinations for those who love nightlife on the beach. With a fascinating view of the Gulf and the Islands, its refined atmosphere and the selected clientele, the structure offers unforgettable evenings and a drink on the beach, observing the sea and the landscape, will make your summer unique.
Often, evenings are accompanied by live music of the artists and DJs of the moment, but in any case the background music will always be present. [

Roof and Sky

After having advised you the best local 5 on the beach, we want to go out a little 'out of this area and also recommend a very nice place that is on the Lake Misenum: the Roof and Sky. It is a real one floating lounge bar since you will find yourself practically on board a trimaran, a sort of raft that in the evening moves about fifty meters from the shore. Being lulled by the movement of the waves, you will spend a pleasant evening between one drink and another, between "Asteco and Cielo".

For more information, read our Full review on the Roof and Sky.

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