How to activate and deactivate IT Alert on Android and iOS


We are in a historical period where rapid access to instant data and information it can mark the boundary between life and death. For this reason, today there is a lot of discussion around IT-alert, the technology that has the potential to save the lives of many in emergency contexts with preventive warnings.

What is IT-alert?

IT-alert it is not just an application or a secondary function of your device. It is a vitally important service, a digital guardian which provides early warnings for various types of emergencies such as natural disasters or threats to public safety.

How to activate IT-alert on Android smartphones and tablets

If you have Android 12 or later

Navigating through the settings of an Android device can sometimes feel like a journey through a maze. Activating IT-alert is relatively simple, just open the Settingsselect Security and emergency (or simply Emergency, varies depending on the model) and activate Emergency wireless alerts.

Or more simply, just search in the "Alerts" settings.

If you have Android 11 or earlier

For those using devices with older versions of Android, the path to activate IT-alert it's slightly different. You access the Settings, use the search bar to enter “emergency alerts” and select it Wireless emergency alerts from the list of available options.

At this point, for both paths, the last step is common: you need to turn on the switch or the tick next to Allow alerts.

How to activate IT-alert on iPhone and iPad

For Apple device users, turn on IT-alert it is an even more linear process. Just go up Settings, scroll to the section Notifications and activate the switch next to IT-alert.

How to activate IT-alert on Apple Watch

For those who own a Apple Watch, the process is identical to that for iPhone. In fact, by activating IT-alert on the iPhone, it automatically extends to the connected Apple Watch as well.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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