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La second season of DOC-in your hands has been, so far, one of the most dramatic of the entire series. Not only because it was set in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, but also because, during its transmission, we had to say goodbye three important characters (Including Alba), who died from Covid-19 or for other reasons. With the hope that DOC 3-in your hands don't be so dramatic and don't see all these deaths among the most important characters in fiction, here how does DOC 2 end and the complete summary of the second season.

DOC 2, plot last episode

Andrea Fanti about to go back to being the primary again, but Caruso, the administrative director of the facility, who does not tolerate his methods, reveals to everyone that Doc is responsible for the death of Lorenzo Lazzarini. Fanti, who is suspended, decides to hide the truth, namely that she was the daughter Carolina, at the explicit request of Lorenzo, to give the oxygen tank to Clara, a lady who was about to suffocate. Her purpose is to protect her daughter, but when Carolina he finds out, he doesn't take it well.

A mysterious bacterium arrives

Shortly after the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, life in the hospital returns to normal, but Doc won't have time to breathe. Inside the ward she is hospitalized infected with Klebsiella, which causes bacterial pneumonia. Doctors may have been infected, so they are forced to live in quarantine. The bacterium attacks Riccardo and Alba, who are hospitalized following some respiratory problems. Meanwhile, the doctors are looking for a treatment that can save their colleagues and, in the end, Doc proposes a very risky solution: administering a powerful antibiotic, which however has several side effects.

Alba dies tragically

Giulia decides to trust Andrea Fanti: the antibiotic is the only hope for colleagues. Riccardo recovers, while unfortunately Alba suffers from liver poisoning. The doctor, feeling her end approaching, says goodbye to her colleagues, then she closes her eyes forever and dies.

Carolina's confession

Carolina, still filled with guilt over the death of Lorenzo, decides to confess the whole truth Giulia, understanding her situation, decides to help the young doctor to leave everything behind her.

The arrest of Andrea Fanti

Andrea Fanti, In 'last episode of DOC 2, prepares to face a manslaughter trial, but Agnese and Cecilia, eager to help him, begin to investigate Caruso. Digging deeper, they discover that the administrative director, during the Covid-19 pandemic, had decided to cut off the supply of oxygen cylinders. Caruso is then taken away by the police, the charges against Andrea Fanti they fall and he can resume his post as head physician.

Where to see DOC 2 on TV and in streaming

DOC 2 it aired on Rai Uno at the beginning of 2022, more precisely from January 13, 2022 to March 17, 2022. THE reruns of episodes however, they are still available for streaming on the free platform RaiPlay.

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