Comicon 2019 in Naples, here are all the Escape Rooms

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Do you want to experience an unforgettable adventure? Then don't miss the Comicon 2019 Escape Room Area with eight different realities and adventures lasting 25 minutes

If you want to experience a truly unforgettable adventure, then you cannot miss theEscape Room area di Comicon scheduled from 25 to 28 April 2019.

In fact, after the great success of the last editions, Comicon has decided to dedicate more space to the Escape Room, offering the possibility to have fun with eight different realities thanks to adventures lasting for 25 minutes. The right opportunity to have fun investigating, reflecting, playing and exploring. The smartest group will prevail and only by collaborating will it be possible to achieve the maximum. The participation fee for each Escape Room is equal to 10,00 €.

So do not miss the opportunity to challenge your friends in the Escape Rooms specially designed by eight Campania companies. Here is what all the Comicon 2019 Escape Rooms will be:

Escape Naples - Magic school

Thanks to your magic arts and your courage you will have to discover the mystery hidden in the most famous school of magic in the world.

Exitus Escape Room - Don't open dead inside

The Doctor has created a virus that has transformed 90% of the world's population into living deaths. While he was preparing the antidote to this error of his, he dies and decides to hide it in the laboratory to avoid the formula falling into bad hands. Will you be able to find the formula and correctly compose the antidote serum in time?

Escape Room Sorrento - Stan the ultimate superhero

In a parallel universe, Stan Lee's stories come to life, but unfortunately something goes wrong. You will then need to log into his study and change the ending before the human race disappears forever.

Escape Pro - The Upside Down. The breach has been opened

Evil and corruption of another universe are poured into our reality and a virulent and bloody creature called Demogorgone roams among the darkness. Can you find the key and escape?

Try 2 Escape - The heist of the century

Join the robbery of the century with the Professor's men and follow his directions to succeed in the most daring blow of all time

Escape Room Club - I want to play a game with you!

Once you wake up you realize that you have been kidnapped and taken to an abandoned place. Thanks to a recorded tape, you learn that you have to pass several tests to free yourself in time. Succeeding in escaping and saving you in 25 minutes?

Aenigma Escape Rooms - Video Game WARp

Trapped inside a video game, you have 25 minutes to find a way out before the game shuts down. If you play you can die, if you stop playing you have to win.

Escape Room Nocera - The cursed temple

Following the map you have been led to the heart of the jungle and eventually found the Temple, mysterious and terrible. Face the curse of the temple and you can hide what mysteries it hides and what the buried treasures are

Information on Escape Rooms

Information on the Comicon 2019

Where: Mostra d'Oltremare, via JFKennedy 54 - via Terracina 197 - Via A.Usodimare - Piazzale Tecchio

When: from 25 to 28 April 2019


  • Ticket office: 09: 00 - 18: 00
  • Comicon: 10: 00 - 19: 00

Comicon entrance fees:

  • 4 subscription days: 25 € (sold out)

  • day ticket: 12 €

  • reduced under 12 and over 65: 8 €

Escape Room Prices: 10 euro each Escape Room

Info: Comicon site

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Written by Veronica Caliandro
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