Zerocalcare, Giancane and the Ultimi arrive at the Comicon in Naples: a live between concert and comics

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After the announced concert by Three Merry Dead Boys and Cor Veleno, more news arrives slowly on the events that will be scheduled at Comicon 2022 which will take place by 22 25 to April to the Mostra d'Oltremare of Naples.

An event, the one planned for Sunday April 24, which combines music, animation and comics: let's talk about the participation on the stage of Zerocalcare with the bands Giancane and Gli Ultimi which will retrace the stages of the successful series Tear off along the edges which was released on Netflix.

As we know, this is the animated series by the cartoonist Zerocalcare who for the first time ventures into the world of animation.

Music, comics and animation: how the Zerocalcare series was born

Sul Main Stage del Comicon, the two bands Giancane and Gli Ultimi will perform in a concert where they will propose the songs that have been the soundtrack to the Zerocalcare series, songs written by the two Roman groups.

Their performances will be interspersed with Zerocalcare interventions, pseudonym of Michele Rech, who will tell the public the importance of the right music in the realization of his series.

The theme song was written by Giancane, while Gli Ultimi wrote the song "Favole" which is one of the songs that accompany the events of the series. Together, the two bands and the Roman cartoonist will reveal us curiosities and anecdotes on Tearing along the edges for an event that will be truly special as a testimony of the fundamental link between different art forms.

Scene of Tear along the edges

Event information


  • event on April 24, 2022
  • Comicon from 22 to 25 April 2022


Main Stage of the Comicon, Mostra d'Oltremare, Viale John Fitzgerald Kennedy 54

Working hours:

from 13.00 am to 15.30 pm

Comicon prices

4 day subscription:

  • € 30,00 + presale costs

Single day April 22:

  • full € 10.00 + presale
  • reduced under 12 and over 65: € 6.00

Single day 23, 24 and 25 April:

  • full: € 13.00 + presale;
  • reduced under 12 and over 65: € 9.00

Free tickets for all days:

  • for under 6 accompanied by an adult who pays and for the disabled at 100%


Official website Comicon | information:, tel. 0814238127 | for tickets: Go2

Anti-Covid rules 19

  • Super Green Pass mandatory (with mandatory ID check)
  • FFP2 Mask Obligation (worn in the right way)

Cover photo source: Globalist

  • Where: Mostra d'Oltremare
  • When: Sunday April 24 2022
  • Prezzi:
    • 4-day pass: €30
    • Full day pass 22 April + presale: €10
    • Day ticket 22 April reduced under 12 and over 65 + presale: 6€
    • Full day 23-24-25 April + presale: €13
    • Daily ticket 23-24-25 April reduced under 12 and over 65 + presale: 9€
    • Tickets under 6 accompanied by a paying adult and for disabled people at 100%: Free
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