Coldplay Naples concert, how to find the place, entrances and sectors at the Maradona Stadium


Il 21 and the 22 June 2023, the Diego Stadium armando maradona di Napoli is preparing to welcome the international musical group dei Coldplay and, in addition to them, also the many fans arriving from all over the country. But how to understand which is your seat and from which entrance to the stadium to enter? We try to clarify.

Ticket indications, from where to access (which gate) of the Maradona Stadium

The purchased ticket, in addition to indicating the day, time and place, has essential information to understand from where to access the Maradona Stadium. In particular, we are talking about “Arrival” (which would be the Gate) is "sector”. Obviously you have to consider that each ticket, based on the type of access, has different information. You will not find however, written on your ticket the simple indications “Distinti”, “Tribuna”, “Curva A” and so on.

Ma how to find your industry and consequently the own access gate? Let's see it together.

How to find your industry

After retrieved the information indicated on your ticket (that is to say entrance and sector), near the Maradona stadium, outside, there are gods signs with the Gate number written e under the various sectors reachable from that input. But to know how to orient yourself before arriving in the area, here are some maps to understand based on your sector where is the entrance (i.e. the Gate) from which to access.

From the next maps, you will have to:

  1. Find yours sector
  2. Consequently locate the Gate (entrance)
  3. Locate the space where
  4. you are: Yours, Grandstand, Curve and so on (always if your ticket is numbered)

Top ring seats

Lower ring seats

Where to enter: Separate entrances, Tribuna, Curva

After figuring out yours sectors (from the indications we have given you before), you can easily locate the entrance side on your map, since you will also know if you are in Curve A, in the Yours or in Opinion. There is also an entry sign Prato and disabled.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
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