Radio Italia Live concert in Piazza del Plebiscito, the streets closed

Piazza del Plebiscito

Il 27nd June, Plebiscito Square a Napoli hosts the Radio Italia Live concert, an unmissable event that takes place in the iconic location for the first time.

An event part of the series “Naples City of Music – Live Festival 2024”, celebrates Italian music with an impressive lineup of well-known artists. An adequate plan traffic it will be active to facilitate access and guarantee the safety of all participants, transforming the square into a pedestrian area from the early hours of the afternoon.

The concert and the guests

Il concert will see some of the most famous names in Italian music perform, such as Annalisa, Elodie, Alessandra Amoroso, Biagio Antonacci, and others.

The artists will fill the evening with melodies and performances that promise to be unforgettable. The event captured the public's attention so much so that tickets, although free, They were booked in a short time and are now completely sold out. The evening of live music thus becomes a celebration of Italian talents, loved both nationally and internationally.

Traffic device

In preparation for the concert, City of Naples has developed a detailed traffic plan for Plebiscito Square and the surrounding streets. Give her 13:00 of the 27nd June, a ban in key areas such as Via San Carlo e Trieste and Trento square, reserved only for vehicles with special permits, emergency vehicles and residents.

The plan is designed to facilitate entry to the concert and maintain order, avoiding congestion and ensuring public safety. Road restrictions are vital to the success of the event, allowing spectators and artists to enjoy a carefree and safe evening.

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