Concert tribute to Pino Daniele in Palma Campania (Naples)

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At the Teatro Comunale of Palma Campania, a free tribute concert for Pino Daniele, entitled "Comm'è triste e comm'è amaro"

The disappearance of Pino Daniele he left us so stunned that even today, after 11 days, we can not hold back the emotion when we listen to one of his songs or talk about him.

Many initiatives have been organized in his memory, but we mention one in particular: Friday 15 January 2015, starting from 20.30, al Municipal Theatre of the Neapolitan town Palma Campania, there will be a free tribute concert entitled How sad it is and how bitter it is.

During the evening they will go on stage 9 band, which will interpret, each in its own way, three famous songs of our irreplaceable bluesman, retracing the fundamental stages of his vast record production, the result of a glorious career.

Besides the musical memory, there will be moments of reflection on the life of the man Pino Daniele, who used the music not only to get excited but also as a civil engagement tool to spread ethical and social values.

The concert is non-profit but wants to be alone a thanksgiving greeting to an artist who has brought a little of our Neapolitan tradition and Neapolitan being around the world.

He guessed it.

Information on the tribute concert with Pino Daniele

Where: Municipal Theater of Palma Campania, Naples
When: 16 January 2015
Schedule: by 20.30
Price: free entry

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