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2019 Contemporary Classic at San Domenico Maggiore in Naples between ancient and modern theater

The masterpieces of theater re-enacted in the Contemporary Classic cycle at San Domenico Maggiore in Naples.

Starting from the 9 August 2019 and until September 1st held at the cloister of the Convent of San Domenico Maggiore in Naples Classic Contemporary, review of theatrical performances that aligns a series of great classics reproposed in a current key. The artistic direction of the event is by Gianmarco Cesario and Mirko Di Martino.

At its sixth edition, the exhibition is renewed but remains true to itself. Also this year the great classics of the theater are proposed again, but with a novelty: each show will remain on stage for at least two consecutive dates in order to support the new productions.

The shows will almost all be premiered and staged by young Neapolitan directors invited to try out a group of selected texts.

The program brings together both the ancient theater (Sofocle and Plautus) that the modern comedy (Shakespeare and Goldoni) and the greats of the twentieth century provocateur (Savage, Genet e Viviani), as well as the masterpieces of Neapolitan music or those of song writing. There is also a look at the commedia dell'arte, precisely in the year in which Naples is the international capital of the theatrical genre that represents Italy the most in the world.

The Classic Contemporary program

Friday 9 August 2019 hours 21: 30

Neapolitan music concert with Francesca Curti Giardina

Saturday 10 August | Sunday 11 August | Monday 12 August - 21 hours: 30

Yearnings for vacation
by Carlo Goldoni

Tuesday 13 August | Wednesday 14 August - 20 hours: 00

Award for Commedia dell'Arte performances, artistic direction of Antonio Gargiulo

Friday 16 August | Saturday 17 August - 21 hours: 30

The shrewd influencer
text and direction Diego Sommaripa freely inspired by Shakespeare's La Bisbetica Domata

Sunday 18 August | Monday 19 August - 21 hours: 30

The Menecms
by Tito Maccio Plauto directed by Antonio Gargiulo

Tuesday 20 August | Wednesday 21 August - 21 hours: 30

Ragù chantant
CUISINE, MUSIC, THEATER text and direction by Margherita Romeo

Thursday 22 August | Friday 23 August - 21 hours: 30

Mouth of rose
Tribute to Fabrizio De Andrè - directed by Francesco Luongo

Saturday 24 August | Sunday 25 August - 21 hours: 30

Salome - The seventh veil
taken from Oscar Wilde - directed by Roberta Misticone

Tuesday 27 August | Wednesday 28 August hours 21: 30

only Viviani!
MUSIC AND VERSE OF RAFFAELE VIVIANI - directed by Salvatore Sannino

Thursday 29 August | Friday 30 August - 21 hours: 30

'And cammarere
inspired by "LE SERVE" by Jean Genet - directed and dramaturgy by Fabio Di Gesto

Saturday 31 August | Sunday 1 September - 21 hours: 30

Oedipus King (o)
taken from Sophocles - dramaturgy and director Gianmarco Cesario

Information on Classic Contemporary

Where: at the cloister of San Domenico in Naples

When: from 9 August to 1 September 2019 (see program)

Schedule: at 21,30, with the exception of Comed'oro (at 20)

Price: full price 13 euro; over 65 and under 26 10 euro; subscriptions: 3 shows € 27; 7 shows € 49 | on-line

For info: phone: 342 1785930; email: tram.biglietteria@gmail.com

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