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Living Nativity 2017 at Maddalena in Naples: in the streets with people in costume and music

Scene of the Nativity in the Living Nativity of La Maddalena

In the area of ​​La Maddalena in Naples there will be the Living Nativity 2017 and will invade all the streets with music, courses and costumed people!

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Also this year it will take place between Forcella and Piazza Garibaldi the Living Nativity of La Maddalena, "'Na Luce dint'â Matalèna", The 28 December 2017. Last year he was dedicated to Maikol Giuseppe Russo, an innocent camorra victim, and this year's aim, similarly to the first edition, is to open the homes of these areas that are often only spoken of for negative news stories and give life, instead, to an event that animates the streets and people.

The living Nativity will invade all the streets, like via Postica Maddalena, vico Sopramuro and others, with appearing in costume, music, art, the Choir of the Basilica del Carmine Maggiore and the Don Bosco Music Band. It will be a whole afternoon of joy dedicated to the holidays, but also an opportunity to show the positive preponderant side of Magdalene and of the people who live there.

To promote the event will be the Church of the Annunciation Maggiore and will also present the figure of Pulcinella, a sort of guide that will lead the participants towards the stable, like a Master of ceremonies, reminding us that the Holy Family will never make us forget what is essential.

Information on the living Nativity of La Maddalena

When: December 28 2017

Where: Via Postica Maddalena, Vico Sopramuro and surrounding streets

Schedule: from the 17.00 20.00

Price: free

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