Is Cristian Forti of Men and Women engaged? His answer

Cristian Forti has a girlfriend

In recent days, the world of Italian reality shows has been shrouded in controversy and uncertainty. In particular, the new tronistas of the well-known television program "Men and Women," Christian Forti e Brando, have been the focus of speculation about their relationship status. Such doubts could have a significant impact on their journey within the dating show.

The public's doubts about the tronista of Men and Women Christian Forti: does he have a girlfriend?

The recent recordings of “Uomini e Donne” have turned the spotlight on Christian Forti and Brando, two new participants. The audience, powered by rumors and gossip, he began to wonder if the two tronistas were actually celibate, as required by the production. In particular, on Christian Forti There is conflicting information about one alleged love affair external to the program. There has also been talk of a recent trip to Lampedusa with a former girlfriend, during which the two would have been spotted in intimate attitudes.

The denial of Christian Forti on social media: "that was my ex"

To dispel any doubt, Christian Forti took the initiative to clarify his relationship status through a post on Instagram. The goal was to disprove any current love affairs, insisting that he is single, as requested by the program's editorial staff.

According to Christian, photos of him and his ex, taken in Lampedusa, date back to a period prior to participating in the dating show. She also reiterated that any physical contact with her ex-partner during the trip was harmless.

Also the tronista Brando engaged? You risk exiting the program

It should be noted that he is not alone Christian Forti to be involved in this wave of gossip. Even the tronista Brando was object of gossip and speculation that could jeopardize your stay in the program.

THEpublic opinion seems divided between who defends his presumed innocence and who, on the contrary, questions its suitability to remain in the cast of “Men and Women”.

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Written by Beatrice Deon
Image source: instagram profile Cristian Forti @cristianfortii
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