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White Chronicle concerning Naples and its province to stay informed about interesting and light news.

Pier Paolo Pasolini in the new large murals of Jorit that stands in Scampia in Naples.

Awarded the tender for the restyling of the Lungomare di Napoli: the project will start to give a new face to the Lungomare Liberato!

The work is scheduled for the Collana Stadium: it will be used for the 2019 Universiadi scheduled this summer

In Naples and in Campania the 2019 winter sales start for many months full of discounts. Here's how to make sure purchases.

In Naples, the Municipality approved the experimentation of collective taxis: an idea created to promote public transport during and ...

PhD students and protected categories can request the annual subsidized subscription of the Unico Campania consortium. Ec ...

Ercolano Vesuvio Card: the paper is born to visit the excavations, the Vesuvius and the beauties of Ercolano, intertwining nature, art and ...

In Fuorigrotta and in Bagnoli in Naples water suspension is planned in some streets. Here is where the water is missing.

Timetables and roads affected by the water suspension in Naples of 6 December 2018. Here is where the water is missing.