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Theater Performances Reviews

Reviews of theatrical performances that take place at the best theaters in Naples.

The Pink Floyd Legend staged Atom Heart Mother and other masterpieces at the Augusteo Theater in Naples. Here is the review.

The review of the evening with Uto Ughi at the Bellini Theater in Naples, a concert with classical music pieces taken from the CD ...

The banality of love, a small masterpiece on stage at the Mercadante Theater

The review of the show The Bacchae of Euripides at the Teatro Mercadante in Naples: the struggle between rational and irrational with a ...

The review of An exemplary love, the show that Daniel Pennac brought to the Teatro Bellini in Naples in first place.

Stefano Accorsi and Marco Baliani revisit, on the stage of the Bellini Theater, the famous verses of Orlando Furioso

A splendid show that will immerse you in the spirit of Naples of the most classic and beloved theater.

A new show by Antonio Rezza, all on the edge of the absurd and surreal: it is Anelante at the Bellini Theater in Naples.

An exciting scenic meeting between the two geniuses of the Elizabethan theater, Christopher Marlowe and William Shakespeare, between theater, ...