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Exhibitions in Naples

The exhibitions in the museums of Naples with exhibitions of paintings, paintings, photographs, sculptures, but also exhibitions of craftsmanship of young talents.

100 iron wolves made by Chinese artist Liu Ruowang will arrive in Piazza Municipio in November

In Naples at the Royal Palace there is a multimedia exhibition dedicated to Bud Spencer, including videos, props, life anecdotes ...

The MANN of Naples is preparing to host again the World Press Photo Exhibition, the most important world photo exhibition ...

Back to the 2019 back to Bagnoli, an important event between music and graffiti for three days of street art

The exhibition on Mirò al Pan di Napoli tells an artist's life in 80 works!

Understanding climate change at the Mann in Naples: a great interactive exhibition on global warming

Leonardo da Vinci on show in Naples: in the Vincenziano Complex the life, works and machines of the Tuscan genius.

On the occasion of the free monthly day, the Madre Museum in Naples decided to create a guided tour to discover al ...

Naples ... of lava: an exhibition of porcelain, theatrical costumes, musical instruments and much more at the Capodimonte Museum