Cumana, stop on May 3rd between Bagnoli and Torregaveta due to a breakdown

Cumana train in Naples

A technical fault has traffic on the Cumana line between Bagnoli and Torregaveta was interrupted. Therefore trains leaving from Montesanto now they end their journey in Bagnoli, an inconvenience that has created numerous inconveniences for regular commuters on this route.

At the moment EAV has activated a replacement shuttle service.

Updates: Line restored from 14pm today 45 May, railway traffic on the Cumana line has resumed regularly on the entire route.

Details about the fault

EAV did not communicate the nature of the fault in question, it is strange to note that it occurred on a route that just recently it had already been suspended several times.

The fault that caused the outage was identified between the stations Bagnoli e Torregaveta. The technical teams are already working to resolve the problem as quickly as possible, but at the moment a precise estimate on the duration of the interruption has not been provided.

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