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Hearts 2 It only started two weeks ago but it already promises to win the hearts of the public. On air Rai 1 each Sunday evening with two exciting episodes broadcast by 21.25, will leave the audience constantly in suspense. So here are all the details about the new season.

Hearts season 2: when does it start

La second season of Hearts was broadcast on Rai 1 from sunday 1 October 2023 with two episodes per episode, broadcast from 21.25. It will be possible to view the episodes every Sunday in prime time but in case you missed some episodes, the series will still be available in streaming su RaiPlay.

Hearts season 2: the plot

In July of 1968, Delia and Alberto they face a crucial moment in their love affair, interrupted by the news of Karen's pregnancy. Everyone tries to maintain a distance emotionally, while facing personal and professional challenges. Luisa, another central character, suffers from consequences physics of electroshock therapies pass, pushing Alberto in a race against time for to save his sick heart through an audacious medical feat.

In the meantime, Caesar returns with the intention of resuming the control of the Molinette, putting it in the crosshairs Moscow, which he became packaging. Cesare is not the only one to return: Virginia she grew up as both a woman and a doctor during her time in France with her father. Although she has not forgotten Fausto, she is attracted da Helmut, a young orderly from East Berlin with considerable talent in medicine.

Serenella, for its part, is committed to assisting the new radiologist, Andrea Foschini, a gallant and respectful man. Ferruccio Bonomo, his cousin and opposite in terms of personality, begins to show signs of jealousy. At the same time, the inspector Marcello Giraudo arrives at Molinette to conduct asurvey. With her charm and gallantry, he begins to court Delia, suggesting the possibility of a new beginning.

Further complicating the Molinette dynamics is the mysterious death of one of the characters, casting shadows of doubt on everyone. This event raises the crucial question: Was it an accident or a premeditated murder? The atmosphere is full of tension and uncertainty as each character finds themselves dealing with difficult choices and circumstances that could change their lives forever

Hearts season 2: the first advances

In second season of Hearts, according to first advances that have been released, we will find out how the operation of Caesar, who had promised to retire from the role of chief once the surgery is over.

We will also see Karen, the stewardess who has an affair with Ferraris, with a big belly and in a very advanced state of pregnancy (therefore it is not excluded that she may become a mother during Hearts 2).

Delia instead, the protagonist, there will be new rivalries, new friendships and probably some new sentimental interest that will make her overcome the memory of Alberto.

Medically, Ferraris he will study the application of the pacemaker and will face the first childhood cardiac surgery operations. The hospital will then see middle of the night emergencies and open heart operations, which will start to become routine.

Hearts season 2: the cast

In Hearts 2 cast we will find:

  • Daniele Pecci in the role of Cesare Corvara;
  • Matthew Martari in the role of Alberto Ferraris;
  • Pilar Fogliati in the role of Delia Brunello;
  • Andrea Gherpelli in the role of Henry Moscow;
  • Marco Bonini in the role of Ferruccio Bonomo;
  • Neva Leoni in the role of Serena Rinaldi;
  • Bianca Panconi in the role of Virginia Corvara;
  • Carola stagnaro in the role of Sr. Fiorenza Bertoni;
  • Carmine Buschini in the role of Fausto Alfieri;
  • Benedetta Cimatti in the role of Luisa Ferraris;
  • Clare Degani in the role of Beatrice Dattilo;
  • Simon Nasi in the role of Elvira De Bellis;
  • David Paganini in the role of Bino Mazzini;
  • Robert Accornero in the role of Ferdinand Maugeri;
  • Paolo Romano in the role of Charles Dattilo;
  • Laura Adriani in the role of Eva Pellegrini;
  • Gaia Messerklinger in the role of Agata Vezzani;
  • Claudia Nicolazzo in the role of Pink Paluan;

Besides them there will be many new entry, which have not yet been disclosed. We just have to wait for the autumn, and the transmission of the second season of Hearts, to discover them. However, we can already confirm two names: that of Alessandro Tersigni need Paul Conticini.

Hearts season 2: how many episodes is it?

The second season of Hearts 2 promises to be slightly different from the first season of the fiction, with sun 12 bets which will be spread on 6 evenings, broadcast on Sundays.

Here is the episode schedule:

  1. First episode: Sunday October 1 2023
  2. Second episode: Sunday October 1 2023
  3. Third episode: Sunday October 8 2023
  4. Fourth episode: Sunday October 8 2023
  5. Fifth episode: Sunday October 15 2023
  6. Sixth episode: Sunday October 15 2023
  7. Seventh episode: Sunday October 22 2023
  8. Eighth episode: Sunday October 22 2023
  9. Ninth episode: Sunday October 29 2023
  10. Tenth episode: Sunday October 29 2023
  11. Eleventh episode: Sunday November 5 2023
  12. Twelfth episode: Sunday November 5 2023

Where to see Hearts season 2 on TV and streaming

La second season of Hearts It started on Rai 1 starting from 1 October 2023 21.25. THE replicas fiction, as in the case of the first, will instead be made available on the free platform RaiPlay immediately after the end of the transmission of the various episodes.

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