From the street to the stage, previews and guests February 27th


Come back "From the street to the stage“, the television spotlight of Rai 2 which celebrates theStreet art in its spectacular rainbow, guided by the verve of Has.

The evening of February 27th, scheduled for 21.20pm, promises to be full of emotions with the presence of Gabriel Cirilli e Francesca Fialdini, the "honorable passers-by“, ready to immerse themselves in the magic of the performances and select the three most incisive.

The talents, together with the best of the inaugural episode, will compete for the supreme title: the best street artist in Italy. On stage, to the rhythm of the band Luca Chiaravalli, performances ranging from music to the juggling, each embellished with touching, bizarre or hilarious personal stories.

The finalists of the first episode

Among the artists who have already earned their place in the final stand out Paula torres, silvery voice that enchants, the “Rainmakers“, gravity-defying aerial duet, and Matteo Fraziano, magician of Chinese shadows. This initial selection promises a high-level final competition, where the road talent it is expressed in surprisingly varied forms, testifying to the richness and originality of this artistic universe.

Second evening previews: who are the guests

The second evening promises to be sparkling with the arrival of Gabriel Cirilli e Francesca Fialdini, ready to infuse their spirit into the heart of the show. The public and the new guests will be asked to elect the three performance most beautiful, who will join the previously selected finalists for a final challenge that promises sparks.

The stage of "From the street to the stage” thus becomes the crossroads where they meet stories, dreams e talents in one great artistic embrace.

When does From the Street to the Stage with Nek end?

The calendar of "From the street to the stage” for 2024 unfolds through six evenings of pure artistic expression, starting on February 20, every Tuesday in prime time on Rai 2.

In its third edition, the program under the charismatic leadership of Has, transforms the television scene into the largest arena for street artists, offering them an unprecedented showcase. Here is the detail of the episodes that will accompany the public in this exploration of urban performance art:

  • Episode 1: 20 February 2024
  • Episode 2: 27 February 2024
  • Episode 3: 5 March 2024
  • Episode 4: 12 March 2024
  • Episode 5: 19 March 2024
  • Episode 6: 26 March 2024
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Written by Andrew Navarro
Image source: RaiPlay
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