Are Damiano David and Dove Cameron engaged? (photo)


In a whirlwind of flashes and speculation, media attention focuses on Damian David, frontman of the Maneskin, and the American actress Dove Cameron. After the end of the relationship with Giorgia Soleri, Damiano's charisma and private life are back in the spotlight. Recent public appearances and affectionate gestures shared with Dove Cameron have sparked a series of hypotheses and suspicions about the nature of their relationship.

Who is Dove Cameron?

Dove Cameron, to the century Chloe Celeste Hosterman, is an actress and singer born on January 15, 1996, who conquered the public with her debut in 2012 in the series Shameless. The turning point in her career occurred the following year, when she was chosen to play twins in the series Liv and Maddie di Disney Channel.

His rise continues with participations in successful Disney productions such as Cloud 9, Austin & Ally and the TV movie series Progeny. In addition to acting, Dove shows a strong commitment to the world of music: the soundtrack of Liv and Maddie e Progeny bears her signature, as does the single “Written in the Stars”, made with her ex-boyfriend Ryan McCartan. 2022 sees her protagonist on TikTok, where his single Boyfriend goes viral, paving the way for his first album to be released in December 2023.

Dove Cameron is the new girlfriend of Damiano David from Maneskin?

Gossip heats up in the aftermath of stolen shots of them Damian David e Dove Cameron in intimate attitudes, first in a club Los Angeles and then to Brazil. These images, together with the exchanges of heart emojis on social networks, have fueled the debate on a possible romantic relationship.

Although there is no official confirmation, the closeness between the leader of the Maneskin and the actress of Disney Channel seems to mark the transition from a professional collaboration to a deeper personal connection. Fans of both celebrities await developments as the two artists continue to live their lives in the spotlight, letting their public appearances fuel fan curiosity and theories.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
Image source: instagram profile @damianodavid + @dovecameron
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