Dancing with the Stars, previews of the episode of November 18, 2023

Dancing with the Stars Jury

Dancing with the Stars will be back on air tonight, Saturday 18 November 2023, with a new and intense episode full of twists and unexpected decisions. Milly Carlucci will accompany us on a journey of dances and choreographies in which it will be impossible not to get excited. Revealed, then, theidentity of a dancer for an exceptional night. Who will it be? Here are all the unmissable details!

Dancing with the Stars, Bocelli's son, dancer for a night

There was a lot of anticipation to find out dancer for a night of the episode of Dancing with the Stars yes tonight November 18, 2023. In the last few hours, however, the mystery has been revealed and we have learned that the person in these shoes will be nothing less than Matteo Bocelli, the son of Andrea Bocelli.

After the launch of his album and the success of the single that preceded it (titled Cashing Stars), for Bocelli's second son it will be the moment to test yourself as a dancer. Will he be as good? Will he be able to convince you of his skills as a dancer? We'll find out in a few hours!

A Dancing with the Stars, Rossella Erra will be a dancer for a night?

But be careful, it certainly doesn't end here! Tonight's episode November 18, 2023 could be characterized by the presence not of one but of two dancers for one night. Simone di Pasquale, apparently, will accompany you on this magical adventure Rossella Erra, the columnist that Dancing fans now know very well.

Dancing with the Stars, the ranking from which we will start again tonight 18 November 2023

Here is the complete ranking with which Dancing with the Stars will leave for the new episode tonight 18 November 2023.

  • Paola Perego and Angelo Madonia: 63 points
  • Simona Ventura and Samuel Peron: 45 points
  • Wanda Nara with Pasquale La Rocca: also at 45 points
  • Antonio Caprarica and Maria Ermachkova: 41 points
  • Carlotta Mantovan and Moreno Porcu: 38
  • Sara Croce and Luca Favilla: 37 points
  • Rosanna Lambertucci and Simone Casula: 35 points
  • Lorenzo Tano with Lucrezia Lando: 33 points
  • Teo Mammucari and Anastasia Kuzmina: 27 points
  • Giovanni Terzi and Giada Lini: 18 points

Eliminated last episode, just 16 points, Ricky Tognazzi and Tove Villfor and for this evening an important dilemma promises to be on: what will Teo Mammuccari do after what happened 7 days ago?

Dancing with the Stars, where to see it

Dancing with the Stars awaits us every Saturday, around 20pm, on Rai Uno. An unmissable event for all fans who will also be able to follow the race streaming on RaiPlay or in rerun (always on RaiPlay). All for free!

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