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Luci d'Artista in Naples for Christmas 2019: the lights of Lello Esposito in Chiaia

Artist's lights in Naples, the Pulcinella mask

The Artist Lights in Chiaia, in Naples, light up for the 2019 Christmas holidays with the most famous symbols of the city!

They lit up Friday November 15 2019 le Artist's lights in Naples for Christmas, specifically in the elegant area of Chiaia, and are signed Lello Esposito. It is a real one artist, a sculptor e painter that from at least 40 years creates works now famous throughout the city and beyond.

This year's lights are part of the project "Di-signs of light"And illuminate" the roots "of Naples with symbols and signs that are part of our tradition. In the streets of Chiaia, in fact, we can admire the Pulcinella mask, Myth of the Mermaid, the Volcanoes, Corno, San Gennaro, all exhibited in various shapes and colors.

Besides these traditional symbols are also present good wishes written to ensure that this set of lights, colors and art is a real one open-air exhibition.

The illuminations in Naples to revive the city

These artist lights were designed by Chiaia District and financed by Confcommercio Naples Businesses for Italy and will be turned on until 28 February 2020. The illuminations, in addition to illuminating the Neapolitan Christmas, are intended to revive the city and they are only the first step of a bigger project that wants to reach the national level.

Christmas lights in Naples, the Siren

In fact, the president of Chiaia District and vice-president of Confcommercio Neapolitan Carla Della Corte explained that the lights were lit very early, as happens in big cities such as New York, London and other European cities for “citizens and tourists during shopping Christmas: sensory pathways that will provide synesthetic emotions and experiences "

In the project there are also ideas for other neighborhoods like the Vomero and the historic center, always self-financed by Confcommercio. The province and other areas of the city will not be forgotten either.

Who is Lello Esposito

As mentioned, Lello Esposito is a Neapolitan historical artist, sculptor and painter and surely everyone knows him for the Pulcinella which are located in the historic center, in Vico Purgatorio, at the Vomero in the Mascagna Park and outside the underground of Salvator Rosa.

His works always focus on relationship between tradition and contemporary art and focus on the symbols of the city of Naples. His works and his historical laboratory can be found inside Palazzo Sansevero.

Photo source: Repubblica.it

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