Diego Vitagliano opens on the Lungomare, when and where it opens

Diego Vitagliano

Diego Vitagliano, master pizza chef, is about to open a new space dedicated to pizza in Naples. Famous for his ability to elevate traditional cuisine into innovative dishes, Vitagliano is preparing to present his latest project: a modern pizzeria on the suggestive Waterfront of Naples. This opening is not only an enrichment for the gastronomic panorama of the city, but represents an event that blends tradition and Neapolitan culinary novelties.

Where does Diego Vitagliano's pizzeria open on the Lungomare?

La new pizzeria by Diego Vitagliano is preparing to open its doors in beating heart of Naples, exactly at number 82 of Santa Lucia, along the seafront. This fascinating area of ​​the city, renowned for its spectacular views and the lively atmosphere, will be further enriched with the inauguration of this new gastronomic destination. The place, previously a supermarket, was completely transformed and now shines with renewed vitality, ready to welcome pizza enthusiasts.

When and on what date does Diego Vitagliano sul Lungomare open?

Il big day is set for the 5 December 2023. This date marks the beginning of a new chapter for the Lungomare di Napoli and for the pizza lovers of Vitagliano. Fans of authentic Neapolitan pizza and creative cuisine they will have the opportunity to taste his creations in an innovative space, which blends the Neapolitan culinary tradition with elements of modernity.

The pizzeria 10 Diego Vitagliano obtained the best of 2023 award

In 2023, the pizzeria 10 Diego Vitagliano in Bagnoli it earned the title of best pizzeria in Italy. This prestigious recognition was awarded by the renowned "50 Top Pizza" ranking. With this statement, the pizzeria has demonstrated its commitment to making pizzas that not only respect tradition, but innovate the concept of Neapolitan gastronomy.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
Image source: Instagram profile Diego Vitagliano
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